Why Can’t I Skip Ads on YouTube?

Why Can’t I Skip Ads on YouTube?

YouTube pays its content providers based on advertising. Some adverts payout to YouTubers based on a set cost per thousand views. Other adverts only payout to content creators when viewers click on the ad. As any viewer will know, you rarely click on the ad. The problem for content creators is that most of us don't watch enough of the ad to count. You need to view half of the ad. That's usually 30 seconds of your attention before the content provider earns money. If you're asking, why can't I skip ads on YouTube, perhaps you should consider not worrying about that as long as you're enjoying the content. 

How to Skip Ads on YouTube

Below, you'll find the reason why some pieces of content on YouTube roll unskippable ads 

Skippable Ads

YouTube doesn't want viewers to turn away from its service. They don't like ads to get in the way. They could so easily do if you were not allowed to skip them. Since we've moved away from broadcast TV to streaming, watching adverts is not something we're used to doing. We don't get ads on Netflix or Disney Plus. There's no tolerance for them anymore. People have time constraints that don't allow them to watch ads. They watch YouTube on their phones and tablets and at their desk at work. People don't consume content like they used to, so ads have to be skippable, or there's a real risk viewers will go elsewhere for content.

15 Second Un-skippable Ads

We're all aware of those ads that beg us not to skip. The advertisements that goad us into continuing. They have a presenter saying, "Don't skip this ad. It's an important message." They often have a famous face on screen and sometimes appeal to a specific part of the population. Men or women or parents or children. Those are skippable ads. There is another group of commercials that are 15 seconds long. They can't be skipped. A few years ago, these ads were 30 seconds long. Today, they're 15 seconds long and attached to all videos. That's a good thing from the point of view of content creators. 


Skipping Un-skippable Ads

There is a way to skip the unskippable ads. All you have to do is download an ad blocker. There are loads available online. Just Google for one that allows you to skip ads. With that installed, no ads with show when you watch YouTube. 

Tech Problem

If you can't skip any ads on YouTube, your browser must have an issue. The simplest way to check is to open the same video in another browser. If you have a problem with the main browser you like to use, try reinstalling it. That should correct most issues. If not, you'll have to use YouTube on the other browser. 

Browser Extensions

Your browser extensions might be causing the issue. Try turning the extensions off, then play the video and see if a skip option appears. Check all extensions one by one. That's the only way to work out if one of them is causing you an issue. If you find the problem extension, you only have to close it each time you want to view YouTube. 



Content creators are paid through their AdSense account. They only get a payout once their account reaches $100. YouTubers need a lot of viewers to make a living, as you'll see from the following stats. 

  • Google pays 68% of the AdSense revenue it generates. That means content makers get $68 of every $100 paid to Google by advertisers. 

  • The rate per advert varies from $0.10 to $0.30 and averages out at $0.18 per view.

  • On average, YouTubers receive $18 per 1,000 ads. That usually works out to around $3 to $5 per 1,000 views, given that not everyone watches enough of the advert to generate revenue.

Final Word 

If you like a content creator's work, support them by letting the advert run. That's no massive hardship. Most creators make very little from YouTube. They only make money from viewers watching adverts. If your favorite channel doesn't make money, it may not continue to produce content for YouTube.