Which eReader Should I Buy?

Which eReader Should I Buy?
Amazon Kindle Paperwhite
Amazon Kindle Paperwhite | Image by the manufacturer

Now that you’ve decided to join the digital media and have the convenience of having hundreds of books right in your pocket, you must be wondering which eReader to go for. With eReaders ranging from Amazon Kindle Oasis to Kobo Forma, which one is better? Read on for detailed information on the best eReaders to buy right now.

Best Mid-Range eReader 2019

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite - $129.99 on Amazon

Amazon’s Kindle eReader family has been dominating the digital media for a long time now. But the Paperwhite is more popular thanks to its near-print book-like experience. It comes with an integrated light for easy reading in the dark, waterproof body, and audio support via Bluetooth. The eReader sports a 6-inch, 300 PPI (pixels per inch) display, making it small enough to fit in your jeans back pocket and bright enough to read outside. Unlike smartphones, the built-in lights shine onto the device’s page rather than on your eyes, making it comfortable to read for longer periods. Plus, you can adjust the brightness to avoid waking up your partner at night.

  • High resolution
  • Long lasting battery
  • Adjustable built-in light, easy on the eyes
  • Simple user interface
  • No USB charger

Amazon Kindle Oasis
Amazon Kindle Oasis | Image by the manufacturer

Best in Luxurious eReaders

Amazon Kindle Oasis - $199.99 - $249.99 on Amazon

If you're surprised by the price, wait until you hear what it offers. The newly designed Kindle Oasis comes with 25 LEDs compared to Paperwhite’s five LEDs. This means a crisp, sharp and clear screen for the avid reader. It's also thinner and has two page-turning buttons on the side, just where you find the ergonomic handgrip designed for one-handed reading. The tapered design is waterproof and 20 percent lighter than the previous version. This means you can take it whenever you want without feeling the extra weight. Battery life is incredible and a single charge can take you for weeks. With a 7-inch glare-free display, you can read for hours without feeling eye strain. You can choose the 8GB or 32GB Oasis. And get this, the orientation rotates automatically whether you use the right or left hand.

  • Sharp, bright screen
  • Page-turning buttons
  • Thin, light design
  • Waterproof
  • Works with Audible
  • Access to massive book library
  • Doesn’t support EPUB files
  • Expensive
Kobo Forma
Kobo Forma | Image by the manufacturer

Best Big Screen eReader

Kobo Forma - $269.97 on Walmart

Sporting a huge 8-inch screen, this eReader is super light, slim with support for file types not offered by the Amazon Kindle family. Its body is water-resistant enough to take to the bath or beach – you can use Kobo Forma for up to 60 minutes in water, up to two meters deep. If you're into graphic novels, you have EPUB files or you're just not a fan of Amazon, Kobo is the next best eReader. The huge screen has a night-mode feature that turns yellow for those who don't like bright screens. And it's integrated with the blue-light filter to prevent the blue light from disrupting your sleep cycles.

  • Drag and drop ebooks from your PC to Kobo with ease via a USB-to-Micro-USB cable
  • Big screen for easy reading
  • Blue-light filter for eye protection
  • Supports UPEB formats
  • OneDrive integration makes it easy to get library books
  • Long battery life
  • Page-turning buttons
  • Costly
  • No eBook subscription service
Amazon Kindle
Amazon Kindle | Image by the manufacturer

Best Budget Kindle

Amazon Kindle - $89.99 on Amazon

This basic Amazon Kindle has seen impressive upgrades since it first set foot on the market. The new version now comes with a reading light and has longer battery life and better memory. You get access to millions of eBooks the first three months and thereafter pay a $9.99 monthly subscription. Finally, it sports built-in LED lighting so you can read indoors and outdoors. Even better, it now comes with Bluetooth for Audible audiobooks.

  • Very cheap
  • New improved battery life
  • Front lights enable reading in the dark
  • Kids find it easy to use
  • Not water resistant
  • Lower screen resolution

To Consider Before Your Purchase

The Amazon Kindle Paperwhite eReaders don’t come with a USB-c charger or a faster 802.11n Wi-Fi connectivity. Likewise, if you want to increase your internal storage, remove adds among other options, be ready to add extra dollars. You want to go for the Kobo family if you read eBooks of different file formats, such as EPUB.

Our Notes

  • Amazon Kindle Paperwhite: long battery life, easy to clean thanks to its flat front and is waterproof.
  • Amazon Kindle Oasis: sleek design, crisp clear screen, and lightweight.
  • Kobo Forma: huge, excellent 8-inch screen, lightweight and supports multiple file types.
  • Amazon Kindle: cheap with front light. Resolution isn't too good though.

What Do They Say on Other Sites

“I wouldn't purchase this product for the following reason: my 3rd Gen. Kindle has 300 ppi and this supposed ""new"" one has only 167 ppi so what gives?” (Gwaredd Thomas on Amazon)

“Kobo beats Kindle! Amazing e-reader! Bigger screen than Kindle Oasis, lighter than Oasis, more options than Oasis, warm backlighting as well as Oasis' cold... almost a perfect e-reader. Only complaint is the backlighting darkspot along the edge. Despite this hardware issue, it's still much easier to get lost in your book...” (Anthony D on Walmart)

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