Which is the Best Website in US for Utility Switching?

Which is the Best Website in US for Utility Switching?

Utility bills add up to a sizeable chunk of household expenditure for most people. With the frequent gas and electricity price surges, it makes sense to find a way to cut down costs. Since utility bills like gas and electricity are important and a must-have, you need to make regular checks to ensure that you're getting the best deals from your supplier. Utility switching is essential in helping you find the best energy deals and save money. There are so many utility switching websites that help make the process easier and efficient. Here are some of the best websites to help you switch energy suppliers conveniently and efficiently.

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Best Overall: Make the Switch USA 

Make the Switch USA has a simple and straightforward user interface. The option to compare electricity and gas suppliers is right at the top of the page, making the process even easier. Simply key in your state, your utility and select your account type, that is, whether it’s for residential, commercial or large commercial use. The site also makes the process of switching to a new energy supplier as easy as possible. With Make the Switch USA, there are no switching fees or interruption of service. In fact, you can get quotes lower than you had imagined. The maketheswitchusa.com utility switching website serves more than five states, including Pennsylvania, Connecticut, New Jersey, and California. Make the Switch USA has partnered with several energy suppliers, such as Sperian Energy, Sunwave, Sparkenergy, and YEP Energy to bring you competitive rates.

Choose Energy 

Choose Energy has a well-designed and welcoming website. The homepage is uncluttered and they have provided content on why you should switch and how switching works. To get started, simply key in your ZIP or start typing your state in the input field, select it and click “GO”. You’ll be taken to a page comparing natural gas and electricity rates in your state. To find your energy options in the state you selected, enter your ZIP code and click “Shop”. All you have to do is fill in the application form with your details and submit it. Choose Energy handles everything and you’ll be notified when the change is complete. You won't experience service interruption – you'll only notice the new supplier name and the new price on your bill. Choose Energy has partnered with energy suppliers like Bounce Energy, Spark Energy, Trieagle Energy, and Frontier Utilities among others. The switching website serves the following areas:

  • Massachusetts
  • Texas
  • New York
  • Connecticut
  • Maryland
  • Georgia
  • New Jersey
  • Illinois
  • Ohio
  • Pennsylvania
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Energy Bob’s motto is “Honesty + Integrity = Trust”. This is what you can expect from their services. They’ve made the switching process as seamless as possible and it will only take you five minutes at your laptop, smartphone, tablet or desktop. If you live within Delaware, the only service available is electricity. For people living in Michigan, Indiana, Wisconsin, Kentucky, Georgia, California and Florida, gas is the only service available. On the other hand, both gas and electricity are available in the following areas; Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maryland, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Washington D.C., Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Texas. You can easily compare energy rates by entering your ZIP code. The process of energy switching is fast and money-saving is an added advantage. Like all the other websites, there is no interruption in service.

Shop My Power 

Shop My Power is a website providing comparison rates for electricity suppliers, both residential and commercial. They offer different electric choices, including green rates, prepaid electricity rates, and cheap electricity companies. They have partnered with various electricity suppliers, such as Clearview, Direct Energy, Frontier Utilities, Green Mountain Energy, Just Energy, and Oasis Energy. You’ll also find plenty of informative articles about deregulation and your power to choose the best electricity plans. The website is easy to navigate and you’ll find plenty of useful information concerning electricity suppliers, how the process is conducted, residential and commercial electricity providers, etc.

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To Consider Before Your Purchase

There are plenty of utility switching websites online and finding a reliable one can be tricky. Shop around and compare the different services and rates. Opt for a website that offers both natural gas and electricity services in your area. Additionally, find a site that’s not cluttered as it might be confusing. Before making your choice, ask around if they have reliable customer service in case you need further assistance.

Our Notes

  • Make the Switch USA – it has a user-friendly interface and a professional team ready to help out.
  • Choose Energy – all you need to fill in is your ZIP code to see the various options available in your area.
  • Energybob.net – check what services are available in your area since not all states have access to both electricity and gas.
  • Shop My Power – mainly focuses on electricity suppliers, both residential and commercial.

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