Where to Go on Holiday for the Remainder of 2020

Where to Go on Holiday for the Remainder of 2020

Adding another stamp to your passport this year should be easy enough if you know where to look for the right last minute holidays.

Keeping the best destinations for the months we have left in the year in mind is a great way to make booking your next holiday easier than ever.


Where to Go on Holiday in...

The second quarter of the year is fast approaching, so if you’re keen to add to the list of holiday spots you’ve seen before the year is over, the following months are great for specific destinations:


Dubai is known as the shopping mecca of the world, and this draws tourists year round. The city also boasts some of the most phenomenal new landmarks you’ll find in the world, including the Burj Khalifa and the Palm Jumeirah. It becomes very popular for British visitors in March each year, as the beaches provide welcome relief from a typically long, cold winter in the UK. 


Mauritius contains some of the most breathtaking beaches and lagoons you will find in the world. The island is relatively small, and can be covered by car in less than two hours, so spontaneous trips are most welcome. The average high temperature in the country in April is usually above 27°C, which means you’ll definitely be able to get a tan during your visit. 


Cyprus is known as the birthplace of Aphrodite, so if you’re in a loving mood (and looking to take a trip for two), May is a great time to grab your partner and hop on a plane. At this time, temperatures are climbing steadily, and resorts are not typically at full capacity, giving you the perfect opportunity to unwind. Romance aside, the island is popular for its beaches, arts and crafts and wine, which you’ll be able to sample in full while you’re there.


When June swings around, Ibiza starts the slow build to its popular party season. The island is quieter than usual, so you’ll be able to make the most of its features without struggling to get into restaurants, bars and other popular tourist spots. Plan to stay until the 23rd if you can, as locals celebrate the Saint Juan Festival on that day with a bang, marking the beginning of summer.


Singapore is known for its mega skyscrapers, and if a city break is what you’re after - including a shopping spree or two - July is the time to go. This is the perfect time of year to visit the region as it tends to be when it receives little to no rainfall. This means you can attend malls, markets and food festivals with no fears of getting washed out, while also being able to explore a lot of the city on foot if you wish. 



Poland’s epic pastries draw in hordes of tourists each year. If your sweet tooth is usually in full effect while on holiday then you’ll be happy to know that Warsaw has many options scattered across different neighbourhoods for you to indulge in. Temperatures average out at around 23°C each August in the region, meaning you won’t be overheating while exploring and taking in the amazing architecture on offer in the region.


As one of the most inclusive tourist destinations in the world is Buenos Aires in Argentina. It’s typically wonderful to visit no matter the time of the year. September gets a special nod because there are a lot - and we mean, a lot! - of food, music and wine festivals to attend. Spring starts to rear its head around this time, giving an even more electric energy to an already vibrant and diverse city.


What happens in Vegas - even in October - stays in Vegas! Known for its sunsets, slots and surprises, Las Vegas contains thousands of bars, restaurants and casinos, as well as an army of entertainers looking to grab your attention at every corner. Vegas always has a certain fantasy-like charm, even if it is known primarily as a shotgun wedding location. 


If it’s sunshine you’re after, Thailand will give you that - and more - if you go in November. Chiang Mai is wonderful around this time of year, as it’s generally cheaper than some of its neighbouring destinations and boasts some of the most beautiful shorelines you’ll ever see. Work in a few temple visits during your time there, and don’t forget to sample as much local cuisine as possible.


As the festive season hits and many people decide to take annual leave, visiting a big city that offers you a lot to do can make for a unique and interesting experience. From seeing the humongous Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center to gawking at the Statue of Liberty, New York has a lot to offer at the end of the year. If you keep your eyes open, you could even save some money on your Christmas shopping in the process as well! Two birds, one stone.  


Your Next Holiday is Right Around the Corner

Choosing the best destination based on the time of year you want to travel is an easy way to get your trip off on the right foot even before you leave for the airport. Now that you know where to go depending on the month you’d like to travel, there’s nothing left to do but find a good deal and book your tickets… and before you know it, you’ll be on your way! Here’s to the amazing new adventures that await you between now and the end of the year.