Where to buy a PlayStation 5 Cheapest?

Where to buy a PlayStation 5 Cheapest?

The gaming arena seems to have heated up a lot the past couple of weeks. PlayStation 5 has been in and out of stock all around the world with customers clearing the shelves as soon as new stocks are available. Right now, if you're thinking of selling your PS5, they are worth more than double the RRP, which is $499.99 for PlayStation 5 with a disc drive and $399.99 for the digital version.

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Getting a Hold of PS5 Has Never Been This Hard

Since its debut on November 12, when PS5 orders went live, getting a hold of the PlayStation 5 console has become as hard as pulling the sword out of the stone. Rumor has it that a scourge of scalpers is using AI notification services and reseller bots to horde thousands of consoles behind obscene markup prices. The consoles go out of stock as soon as they are restocked, leaving avid gamers empty-handed, not knowing where to buy one. And for most, this Christmas may not go as planned without the PS5 console. No wonder most gamers are anxious for any news about PS5 restock. Social media, especially Twitter, is feeding off of this anxiety, spreading rumors as to when gamers should expect the restocks. Some of these sources are credible, while others are just playing mind games. With the release of Cyberpunk 2077, customers are more than eager to get their hands on one of these highly-sorted after consoles. A lot of rumors had been circulating about the possibility of Amazon and Game restocking the PS5 consoles as soon as this week, but there is no hard evidence to support this. That said, this guide provides the latest information direct from the retailers on news about a fresh stock of these highly coveted gaming devices. If you get a chance to see any PS5 prices live, we suggest you hit the order button very fast because you might miss it the next second. We recommend bookmarking the links below and keeping refreshing them frequently – your perseverance might just pay off. Additionally, keep an eye on social media sites, although not all news will be credible. Still, it pays to stay updated with details about when retailers can restock.

Where to Buy PS5 in the US

  • Walmart – Walmart has been on top of things when it comes to restocking, with Walmart Canada getting a PlayStation 5 restock last week. We recommend checking their US site over the next few days.
  • Amazon – one of the biggest online retail giants in the world, Amazon restocked on the PS5 consoles last week without prior notification to consumers. The retailer likely received a huge stock of the console in preparation for the Christmas shopping season. So keep an eye out. You should also check Amazon regional sites for deals.
  • Target – Target released a PS5 restock last week, and you can check with your local Target store for more details. Unlike Amazon, Target offers Drive Up or Pickup services only. Therefore, you’ll have to be in the general area to place your order.
  • Best Buy – If you can recall, Best Buy was among the first retailers to release PS5 during the Black Friday week as well as on Cyber Monday. It's hard to predict when they’ll drop the inventory again, so bookmark their page and keep checking regularly.
  • GameStop – GameStop may be holding back more PlayStation 5 stock awaiting the pre-Christmas rush. So, keep checking their social media feed for updates.
  • Meijer – During the Black Friday sale, Meijer released its PS5 stock to mPerks members only. Even so, you had to be in the general area of the local stores as it only offered pickup, not deliveries. The store might be planning to release the consoles during the Christmas shopping season. So, keep an eye on their social media feed as well as their website.

Where to Buy PlayStation 5 in the UK

  • Very – Very had a restock of PS5 last week. So, it might come as no surprise if they dropped another inventory soon. Gamers may not flock as much to this site compared to sites like Amazon. So, keep checking their inventory, you might be the first to grab a cheap PS5 console.
  • Amazon UK – Last week saw Amazon UK drop yet another wave of PlayStation 5 consoles in the UK as well as other regional websites. The trick on Amazon is to time early bird offers.
  • GAME – GAME is one site to watch closely as we approach the pre-Christmas rush. However, you can never be guaranteed that you’ll get a console when they are released. It’s a first-come, first-served scenario.
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  • Argos – Argos states on its websites that PS5 consoles are out of stock for the rest of 2020.
  • ShopTo – ShopTo is another retailer to watch out for. The store restocked its inventory last week, and might be dropping more soon.
  • AO.com – AO.com states on its site that the PS5 consoles will be “back in stock soon”. They are known to sell games on the cheap end, and it might be a good place to check regularly.

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