When Does IKEA Restock and How Often?

When Does IKEA Restock and How Often?

If you’re heading to IKEA, you’ll want to know when they restock and how often they get new items in. IKEA restock happens very often, as you might expect due to their popularity. They don’t restock on specific days. Each shop typically resupplies smaller products every one to two days and furniture every one to two weeks, but this varies depending on demand and the time of year.  


Regular Restocks

The items that IKEA regularly restocks are the smaller items. Those include smaller pieces of furniture like tables, chairs, and dressers. They also replenish useful things like sticking tape and toolkits. All the additional items you sometimes need to finish off your project. They also regularly restock essential parts like screws, knobs, or plugs, which you can order for free. IKEA doesn’t charge as they’d rather you repair items rather than replace them as that’s better for the environment. If you have the 6-digit code from the assembly guide, you can ensure the part you request is the exact one you need. If you don’t have the guide anymore, copies can be found in the product description on IKEA’s website. If you want an older product, you need to get in touch with the retailer through their site.

Availability for Ikea Restock

While the world sat on pause during lockdown, IKEA experienced massive shortages. That was due to suppliers being unable to get parts across to them and increased demand from customers, so more product was sold than anticipated. IKEA always innovates. They even innovate the way they deal with their supply chain. The latest change sees them using rail transport from China to Europe to replenish their European stores, meaning more container capacity can be set aside for delivers from China to the US.

Stock Data

You don’t need to drive to the store and feel disappointed when the item you want is sold out. You can save time and hassle as IKEA has updated its site. Customers can now have up to the minute information on what’s in stock at their local store. The IKEA App is another way you can check availability. Of course, you can still visit the store and find it out of stock, but only if enough customers go to your store and buy the item you’re interested in between the time you check availability and when you enter the store.


Changing Restock Dates

Restock dates are not consistent. They can’t be when IKEA reacts to the sort of demand it’s now experiencing. The reliance on China for their product also strains the supply of goods. IKEA produces some of its items in China for cost-saving reasons. Those savings are passed on to the customer. Since they have worked with the same suppliers for decades, they know what to expect, which makes predicting stock levels reasonably accurate, but lots of factors can hold up delivery.

Seasonal Goods

We think of IKEA as the place to buy furniture, and when we picture the never-ending maze of a shop floor, we probably think about bedroom furniture or kitchen cupboards. They stock many items we buy at any time of year, which makes predicting what will sell and what needs to be restocked very difficult for the retailer. The story’s a little more predictable for IKEA when it comes to seasonal items. Garden furniture, for example, isn’t bought by many people in the winter. The demand for that is a lot easier to predict than a bedside cabinet.

Final Word on Ikea Restock

In an ideal world, you’d be able to reserve the item you want from, so you get it when IKEA restocks, but that’s not possible. Thankfully, the store’s stock list is accurate and updated regularly. If your nearest store is a long drive away, you may find the item sold out when you arrive. Try visiting the store during the week when fewer customers use IKEA to increase your chances of getting what you want.

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