What Watch Should I Buy?

What Watch Should I Buy?

There are so many different types of watches – digital and analog, self-winding and battery operated. Expensive timepieces in silver or gold or cheap watches made from plastic with rubber straps. They all tell the time well enough for most people's uses but they say different things about the wearer. Do you want something casual that's not all that precious or the total opposite? How about technology? Do you prefer something with a classic movement or a Quartz watch? What about an Apple watch or a Samsung Galaxy watch? Let's have a look at all the options open to you.

Apple Watch

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Do you want a watch that replaces your cell phone? If so, the Apple Watch is the timepiece to go for. The Apple smartwatch is already onto its fifth-generation even though it's only been available since 2015. If numbers like 32GB of storage and tech like the S5 processor are enough to sway you away from a conventional watch, the Apple watch could be yours for from $399. It's 50 meters water-resistant and has sapphire crystal glass to protect the touch display. If you don't want an Apple device, you could also opt for a Samsung Galaxy or a Fossil Sport watch.

Divers Watches

You don't need to be a diver to buy a divers watch. Most owners won't go anywhere near water when they strap on one of these very expensive watches. There's lots of choice in the market but let's just consider two top brands – Rolex and Omega. The Rolex Submariner is a COSC certified superlative chronometer and there's no bigger watch brand than Rolex as almost everyone in the world's heard of them. Although Omega can't challenge Rolex as a brand, their Omega Seamaster is a comparable watch. They look very similar, both are 300-meter water-resistant and each comes with a five-year warranty. You'll have to decide which is best for you.

Cheap Watches

Do you need a watch for work? How about something to tell you the time when you're washing dishes or cleaning the car or do any job that could ruin the watchcase or strap? If you need something cheap, how much should you spend? What about an Invicta divers watch or a Timex? Whatever you choose, you should go for a quartz watch. These battery-operated watches are cheap and keep time reliably. A watch battery should last you three to four years so a cheap quartz watch is a great investment.

Digital Watches

Digital watches like the G-Shock range is much more stylish than they used to be. That range of strong watches is shock-resistant and water-resistant so they're ideal watches to wear while you work outside. You should also consider the Timex Expedition Shock CAT and the Suunto Core sports watch if you want something reliable that won't break when things get physical.

Multisport GPS

If you like your watch to do a little more than telling the time but you don't need it to replace your cell phone, something like a multisport GPS wearable device from Garmin would suit your needs. The prices are similar to the Apple Watch but that's because you're getting features like sports apps, contactless payment, and health monitoring. You can also play music through the watch and use GPS to navigate.

To Consider Before Your Purchase

Do you want a digital watch or a classic analogue timepiece?

Our Notes

  • The Apple watch has a wide range of easy-to-connect straps.
  • Both the Rolex Submariner and the Omega Seamaster have automatic movements.
  • The G-Shock range of watches are produced by Casio.

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“Well packaged, looks very impressive and feel great.” (Alexander Burgesson reviewing the Apple Watch on Amazon)

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