What to Consider Before Buying a TV Stand?

What to Consider Before Buying a TV Stand?

The TV area is always the focal point of any living room. hat hold’s your TV in place says a lot about you and is no different than any other piece of furniture. Gone are days when TV stands when large and bulky. Today, a TV stand is essential to the design of your room. But, you can easily be overwhelmed when shopping for a TV stand, considering the dozens of designs in the market. With this guide, we tell you the things that you should look for when buying a TV stand to make your shopping experience less frustrating.

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Size of The Stand

The size of your TV will determine the size of the stand. With the right measurements, you can easily acquire a sleek, compact, and convenient stand that takes up less space. Plus, it helps to avoid any getting a smaller or over size TV stand. Likewise, the size of your room matters, especially if you are tight on space. Therefore, take the measurements before buying the stand so that you’re sure of how big or small the stand should be. But, if you don’t have any space limits, you can go for a bold statement TV stand. Basically, the key point here is understanding your space and buying a piece that fits perfectly.

Storage Chambers

Most people go for a TV stand with storage compartments where they can put other entertainment stuff like cable boxes, DVDs, gaming consoles, and satellite cables. Since the TV area is the focal point of the house, you want it to look neat and organized. For that reason, buying a stand that can hold all other items is an added advantage. Plus, you need to avoid the stress of looking for your remote whenever you want to use the TV. In that case, having a TV stand with drawers and cabinets works the best

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Safety Factors

Before settling for a particular TV stand, you may want to consider the mounting and stability of the stand. TVs can be quite heavy and you want to place them somewhere secure, considering their value. With that in mind, it goes without saying that if you want to mount the TV on the wall, you must be sure that the kind of brackets you’re using are strong to support the weight of the TV. If you plan on placing the TV on top of a stand, ensure that it’s secured to the wall or the back of a furniture piece.


Another very essential consideration when buying a TV stand is the ability to move it without any hassle. You need to buy a stand that comes with wheels so that it’s easy to move in case you want to change its position or if you’re vacuuming. You can also go for a TV stand that can be swiveled – such stands tend to be beneficial if you have small rooms.

Material and Type

When it comes to the material of the TV stand, metal or wood are the common choices you get. But metal is mostly used if you’re mounting your TV. A metal TV stand gives your home a modern look, while wood adds a traditional touch to the room. Wood is also cheaper than a metal TV stand. For the type of TV stand, you can go for the hutches, corner stands, a TV cart, to mention a few. In case you choose to mount the TV, you get more room to play around with, especially if you fancy decorating the area beneath the TV.


Don’t be limited to the brown color which happens to be the common color for most wood TV stands. There are numerous other styles that sport different color schemes. You can go for black, gray, silver, or even add a pop of colors. Explore the different colors or have one custom-made to your liking, with the color(s) you have in mind. This way, you can get a beautiful TV display that adds visual appeal to your home, making your living room look more attractive.

Wire Management and Lighting

An often-overlooked factor is the wire management system. You don’t want a stand that you must drill your own holes. Instead, go for one that has channels built into the back of the frame so that you can easily run the cables, while keeping them out of sight. If you prefer a TV stand with lighting, consider one that comes with a built-in lighting system, preferably with option to change the theme or dim the lights during a movie night. Lights add a decorative touch to the TV stands, highlighting artworks and collectibles as well.

Final Thoughts

Ready to revamp your TV area? With the above considerations in mind, you can be sure to find a TV stand that matches your existing décor or a stand that you’re willing to craft your home’s interior design around. Keep in mind that with a bit of planning, like measuring the space where you intend to fit the stand and the size of the TV, shopping for a TV stand can be a fun experience. And one more thing, go for a TV stand that’s within your budget.

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