What Is the Best Audio System for Your Home?

What Is the Best Audio System for Your Home?

No matter how big your TV is, without a great sound, you’re only getting half the experience. The market has quite a range of options to choose from. Our rundown combines the best wireless, best overall, best sound and most popular. Below are our recommendations and a review of what to expect if you purchase any of them.

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Bose SoundTouch 30 Series III Wireless

Bose SoundTouch has been rated as best overall. It captures every guitar strum, a bass note and pin drop from your playlist. Its high tech is engineered to fill any room, large or small, and because is a one-piece system, setting up is a cinch. The system is Bluetooth enabled and wireless. Meaning you can easily add another Bose speaker comfortably. Additionally, Bose can work with your Wi-Fi network and Bluetooth enabled devices so that you can stream audio music from any device like computer or smartphone via SoundTouch app.

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Nakanishi Shockwave Pro 7.1

For those not willing to commit to the hassle of a full receiver system, Nakanishi 7.1 got you covered with a powerful home audio experience. This system is a 600 watts soundbar which gives rich and immersive surround audio like none other. While it might not rival a true system in terms of power and sound quality, it’s perfect for people living in apartments or small space. The bar is made up of five sealed speaker chambers and a quad corn DSP chipset. A complete system should have 13 tuned speaker drivers and an eight-inch downward-firing subwoofer for deep rich bass.

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LG CM4550

LG CM4550 is rated as the best in delivering amazing sound according to sound engineers and amateur. If your main focus is sound, this home audio system will fulfill your desire at an affordable price of $129.00. It delivers 700W of power and it has a rich bass even when the volume is very high. Others features include Bluetooth and it comes with two speakers and subwoofer.

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Bose Wave SoundTouch IV (Best Wireless)

Bose manufacturers have introduced a cutting-edge wireless connectivity to their world-class speakers. This speaker allows you to play CDs, listen to the radio and stream your favorite music. Their app connects to all streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. This speaker uses waveguided technology that helps deliver a satisfactory sound that you would expect from high-end speakers. Even better, you can now combine the system with Amazon Alexa to use voice command to control what you want to listen. Additionally, you can connect multiple devices to play music throughout the house.

To Consider Before Your Purchase

  • Sound quality. Just like with art, food or wine, quality is a critical thing. And in our case, we're referring to how good does the audio system sounds. Before buying a speaker system, listen to several models with music that you are intimately familiar with. Then make your judgment based on that.
  • Rooms and Acoustics. Every home audio system will sound different in different rooms. Small speakers may work well in a bedroom but can sound pale when placed on a family room. Alternatively, larger speakers may overwhelm tiny spaces.

Our Notes

  • Bose SoundTouch 30 Series III Wireless: A high tech system that delivers amazing sound either in a small or larger room.
  • Nakanishi shockwave pro 7.1: This is a 600W soundbar perfect for apartments and small space.
  • LG CM4550: An affordable home audio system that is approved by sound engineers and amateur.
  • Bose Wave SoundTouch IV (best wireless): The best wireless home audio system that uses waveguided technology and can be used with Amazon Alexa.

What Do They Say on Other Sites

“starsGreat quality and price. Scratch that! Unmatched quality in build and sound and price. (Only wish it had Dolby Atmos) Great quality and sound and price above all. I have had MANY soundbars and you just CAN'T get the amazing quality of build and sound... let alone at the price point! BUT, it has no Dolby Atmos/DTS:X support, at least to the extent I could tell. That is a HUGE drawback for me since I have a Dobly Type Setup and I bought this to replace my Sony HT-ST5000, but somewhat thinking of going back to it not because of sound quality or better quality or anything, JUST the damn Dobly locked down ecosystem. I HATE closed expensive ecosystems because they do this to manufacturers. And if Nakamichi wants to add that I will bet you their price will go way up just for the license, let alone building it in. Again five star and wish there was six, but just if you NEED Dolby Atmos you need to know..” (Nima S. Panahi on Amazon)

 “Bought for the CD player So we have about 100 CD's that we don't want to part with and dead set against stepping into the technology of the future, us old people still need a CD player. This little system is amazing for it's size, sounds great. Very happy to have found a quality system that still plays the CD's. Thank you Bose!” (smartgardener on Amazon