What Are the Best Electric Range Cookers?

What Are the Best Electric Range Cookers?

Range cookers can add a touch of class and elegance to any kitchen. They are beautifully designed and come in colors that match your home décor. The best electric range cooker offers an all-in-one cooking solution to meals for any family size. This single appliance can cook, bake, and prepare almost any dish you have in mind. Most range cookers are designed to just slot in place and are a worthy investment. The thing is, electric range cookers don’t come cheap. That’s why you must carry out thorough research before investing in one.

The Best Electric Range Cookers of 2021


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Britannia Delphi RC-10TI-DE-S Electric Range Cooker

The Britannia Delphi Electric Range Cooker offers solid performance in a stainless steel frame. It has spacious cavities - a 58-liters and a 48-liters capacity. The cooker has a five-zone induction hob for fast, efficient heat. It features two ovens. The main multifunctional oven offers a variety of cooking options. 

If you fancy more traditional recipes like roast dinners, you get the second conventional oven that also makes great snacks. Other functions of the Britannia Electric Range Cooker include Pizza Function, Meat Probe, Rotisserie, and various Heat Settings.

Beko KDVI90X Electric Range Cooker with Induction Hob

If you’re interested in an energy-efficient electric cooker, check out this Beko model. Featuring two ovens and a grill, the electric range cooker offers you even cooking while saving energy. Its sleek, modern design makes it a perfect addition to any kitchen.

This free-standing electric range cooker comes with a 63-liter main fan oven and a 79-liter tall oven, ideal for batch baking. The energy-efficient induction hob makes cooking quicker by heating the bottom of the pan instead of the entire cooking surface. It has a separate grill, providing even more room for preparing meals on the go.

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Rangemaster Classic Deluxe 110 Electric Range Cooker

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This one’s for those keen cooks looking for perfection. The Rangemaster Classic Deluxe features two electric ovens, a slow cook oven, a grill, and seven hobs, including a triple ring wok burner. It has an impressive six-zone electric ceramic hob and dual circuit grill.

The electric grill makes fixing a quick snack a breeze. The multi-zone griddle is ideal for healthy seared steaks, fish, burgers, and bacon.

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Belling Farmhouse 90Ei Electric Range Cooker With Induction Hob

If you're on a budget, but fancy a modern electric range cooker, the Belling Farmhouse 90Ei Electric Range Cooker offers a touch of modernity. It has one main fan oven with two shelves and a taller oven with three shelves when you want to batch bake.

The main oven is programmable, and both ovens come with a slow cooking function. You also get four-zone induction hobs and an area specially designed for warming. The Farmhouse 90Ei from Belling has a sleek design and is a good size for small to medium-sized spaces.

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Leisure CLA60CEC Classic Range-Style Electric Cooker

If your kitchen has limited space, the Leisure Classic offers a small model measuring 60 cm wide. Despite the small size, it still manages to have a 75-liter main oven and a 38-liter top oven. It also comes with ceramic hobs with warning lights.

This electric range cooker has an energy rating of A+, meaning it won't consume much power. Plus, it is sold at a very affordable price.

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Everhot 60 Range Cooker in Dusky Pink

Another remarkable electric range cooker for small to medium kitchens is the Everhot 60. This model comes in a cute pink, adding a dash of an exciting color to your kitchen. It’s a plug-and-play, meaning you simply need to power it with a 13amp socket.

You can pick from an array of “hot” colors, ranging from burgundy, green, teal, marine blue, mustard, and aubergine. Everhot 60 range cooker has two large ovens, cast iron hot, and simmer plates, giving you the service of larger competitors.

Unlike other electric range cookers, Everhot 60 doesn't require regular maintenance. So, you can expect to save some cash while getting the best service.

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Falcon 1092 Deluxe F1092DXEICA/N Electric Range Cooker

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If you have many mouths to feed, you want a range cooker that can cook up a storm in a matter of minutes. The Falcon 1092 range cooker is stylish and modern. It comes with two ovens – the main one being multifunctional. So, whether you want to bake, roast, or make virtually any food, it's got you covered.

The Falcon 1092 is equipped with four cavities, a storage drawer, and a separate grill. It also features a five-zone induction cooker, helping you to save energy while cooking. The model also comes in heartwarming colors, like China Blue, Cherry Red, and Fawn.

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