Top Water Filters for Home Right Now

Top Water Filters for Home Right Now

We all know the importance of consuming enough water every day to stay hydrated. But, do you trust the water you drink from your tap? It's likely contaminated by various impurities like Chlorine, pesticides, and lead, which could pose serious health hazards. To reduce the chances of contracting waterborne diseases, water filters can come in handy. Water filters come in different models, styles, and designs. You want one that's reliable and allows you to change the filter with ease. So, whether you’re looking for a whole-house filtration system, pitcher filters, faucet attachments, or under-sink filters, we’ve done the research for you and bring the top water filters for your home.

APEC Water Systems ROES-50 Essence Series Top Tier


This highly advanced under-sink water filtration system utilizes five stages of filtering. It has a sediment filter, two stages of carbon filters, a reverse osmosis filter, and a coconut fiber filter. The system is easy to install, and the filters are changed at intervals. The first three need to be changed after 6-12 months, while the last two can last between 2-4 years. The system can also be placed in a basement or attached garage. You only need to route the water to the sink for easy dispensing – it comes with a faucet. According to the manufacturer, it is capable of removing up to 11,000 different unwanted contaminants from water, including the usual suspects – bacteria, heavy metals, and chlorine. $189.95 on Walmart. An alternative to this water system is the iSpring RCC7 5-Stage.

APEX MR-1050 Alkaline


The APEX MR-1050 Countertop drinking water filter filters out all the chemicals you don’t want to produce alkaline water. The system adds minerals like magnesium, calcium, and potassium and balances pH levels to reduce acidity. The design is simple and made to easily connect to most standard household kitchen faucets. Additionally, you can clearly see the water inside, making it a nice addition to your kitchen. The system can be used to filter up to 750 gallons of water before you can change the filter. However, the filter can be quite costly. Buy on Amazon at $80.95 (was $95.60)

PUR PFM400H Faucet Water Filtration System


If you prefer a simple faucet attachment, this PUR PFM400 system makes it absolutely simple to install. It mounts with ease to the existing faucet without the need for any tools. The water filtration system can remove contaminants like lead, pesticides, heavy metals, and chlorine. It's fitted with a sensor that alerts you when the filter requires changing, eliminating the need for tracking your usage. The advantage of using this system is that you can easily turn it off when you don’t require filtered water, for instance, when washing utensils. Get it on Amazon at $31.49 (was $46.50).

ZeroWater 6-Cup Water Filter Pitcher

For people with small spaces, this 6-cup water filter pitcher is a great option for your kitchen counter or on top of your fridge. It's ideal for a small family and easily portable to take with you anywhere. The system filters out chlorine, lead, heavy metals, and other solids. The filter is equipped with a water quality meter, allowing you to test the quality of water before and after the filtration. Get it on Walmart at $17.88.

Brita 12-Cup Stream Filter Pitcher

For larger families, this Brita 12-cup filter pitcher not only has a great design, but it also hides the filter from view. The pitcher filters water as you pour it, so you don’t have to wait for it to clear and taste good. Reviewers are all praise for its simplicity and the flavor of filtered water. The pitcher is also designed to fit in the fridge, so you can dispense sweet filter water any time you want. It’s fitted with an electronic filter change reminder that alerts you when it's time to change the filter. The plastic material used to manufacture it is BPA free. Get it on Bed Bath & Beyond at $34.99.

LifeStraw Go Water Filter Bottle

Are you always on the go and looking for a simple, yet effective water filter system? The LifeStraw Go Water Filter Bottle offers a comfortable silicone mouthpiece fitted with a two-stage filter system. The bottle is designed to be leak-proof and stores up to 23 ounces of water, so you don’t have to refill often. It's easily portable and sports a sturdy build to handle different environments. The bottle fits perfectly into a backpack and you can choose from a variety of colors. It helps to remove contaminants like microplastics and chemicals that give water a bad odor. It also filters bacteria and protozoa from stream water. Get it on Amazon at $44.95. Get it on LifeStraw at $39.95.

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