The Top Kitchen Cabinets Reviewed, from Budget to High End

The Top Kitchen Cabinets Reviewed, from Budget to High End
Metod by Ikea
Metod by Ikea | Image by the manufacturer

It pays to spend the time, and sometimes, the money, to snag a high quality kitchen cabinet. Your kitchen will need storage room for everything from dishes and silverware to pantry space for food. A high quality set of kitchen cupboards, tabletops, and other accessories will make cooking time and mealtimes in your kitchen a treat.

Two things you should look out for when buying kitchen cabinets are quality of construction and durability. While quality can be more obvious upfront, durability varies greatly based on the brand. This is why you will want to pay attention to these proven brand-name kitchen cabinets from top brands.

Metod by IKEA 

Swedish manufacturer IKEA is known for its budget-friendly but stylish home furniture. IKEA’s Metod collection offers kitchen cabinets that closely parallel the effect you might get with a true bespoke designer kitchen. 

The collection comes in a wide variety of finishes to give your kitchen the exact look you desire. These include:

  • Oak
  • Cream
  • Dark Brown
  • Birch 
  • Red

Metod comes with basic modules in measurement of 20cm to 80 cm. The numerous combinations available make it possible to have a unique-looking kitchen.

Orlando White Ready to Fit Kitchen by Wickes 

Wickes, the home goods retailer, has an impressive kitchen cabinet collection that is easy on your budget. The Orlando White Ready to Fit Kitchen is the ideal option if you want a full-featured kitchen cabinet set at favorable prices. It costs around £658 to £760, which is a saving of thousands compared to 8-unit collections from designer brands. 

The Orlando White Ready to Fit Kitchen gives you the essentials in one easy package. This includes two wall units, a base unit, a drawer unit, and an oven unit. The set comes in white, cream, or grey.

Varel Fitted Kitchen by Held Mobel | Image by the manufacturer

Varel Fitted Kitchen by Held Mobel 

UK retailer Wayfair offers the Varel Fitted Kitchen designed by Held Moebel. While not a low-budget kitchen cabinet, it falls somewhere in between what you can get at IKEA and products from the high end retailers. The Varel Fitted Kitchen features all the essentials you will want in a kitchen cabinet, including:

  • Three hanging cupboards
  • Fridge cupboard
  • Dishwasher cupboard
  • Kitchen sink cabinet
  • Base cabinet with a drawer and inlay shelf

Three finishes are available: beech, glossy red, and glossy white. This collection costs from £1,500 and up.

Integra Alpine by Magnet 

Combining beautiful wood construction and a modern-looking matte finish, Integra Alpine is one of the ultimate kitchen cabinets designs you can get. The line is offered by Magnet, a UK furniture retailer with a footprint of over 200 stores across the UK.

Integra Alpine uses Magnet’s “handleless kitchen” concept for a modernist effect. The design features a timber grain finish and comes in 8-unit or 16-unit layouts. Tabletops, cupboards, and sideboards are included. This is a high end kitchen cabinet with prices starting from £3,198 and up.

To Consider Before Your Purchase

While a higher quality kitchen cabinet will cost you more, there are important reasons to prefer something that might cost a bit more. Lower quality kitchen cabinets sometimes have higher levels of factory defects and skimp on aesthetics. If you will be living in that home for many years to come, investing in a higher quality unit will give you a better kitchen experience over the years.

Our Notes

  • Metod: IKEA Assembly Service available for between £17 and £72 depending on the item 
  • Orlando White Ready to Fit Kitchen: Wickes Price Match Promise applies, guaranteeing lowest retail price
  • Varel Fitted Kitchen: Wayfair offers free delivery within the UK and Ireland
  • Integra Alpine: A home survey from Magnet’s designers is available and can help customize your kitchen cabinets for optimal results

What Do They Say on Other Sites

“We did a complete kitchen remodel with Ikea cabinets and I could not be more pleased with the result! Since we went all white I could not see spending big bucks on all wood cabinets that were going to be covered win white paint. We shopped around a lot--Lowe's Home Depot, Costco, Parr, specialty cabinet stores. And Ikea came in a an attractive price point--thousands lower than anywhere else.” (Elle on

My Ikea kitchen is only 3 months old, it has been a source of constant stress trying to get the snags fixed (we used Ikea installation team) and we have found the after sales customer care just dreadful. The solid oak worktop is the worst possible quality and despite our careful care and maintenance it is already black, the cabinets are flimsy and get dented so easily.” (K Dempsey on

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