Top Groom Suits to Look Great on Your Big Day

Top Groom Suits to Look Great on Your Big Day

The big day is coming and you're spoiled for choice on which wedding suit will befit the occasion. Of course, you want to look handsome and stunning on this once in a lifetime event, and nothing competes with a perfectly stitched suit. A suit isn't just a suit. You need a suit that makes you feel confident, attractive and respectable. But, how do you select the one suit that’s going to be the talk of the week after the event? That’s where our review comes in. We explore the world of men’s fashion, specifically the best suit to wear to a wedding.

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Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein designs exceptional and sophisticated suits and tuxedos to suit any occasion. The company is a well-known American franchise with a wide selection of items, including perfumes, women’s and kids clothing. A Calvin Klein suit or tuxedo will make you stand out from the crowd. The designers take attention to details to a whole new level to create a unique style that’s sure to bring out the best in you. The suits are customized and personalized right here in America with top-quality Italian fabrics. If you're looking for a timeless suit or tuxedo, you can never go wrong with Calvin Klein. They offer a wide selection of colors and whether you love skinny, fitting, slim fit or 3-piece suit, they've got you covered.

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With over 60 stores across America, Bonobos offers some of the best suits on the market. The outfit started out a pants brand but has expanded into a full menswear brand. The designers founded the company with the main aim of making suits that fit perfectly. The Jetsetter Stretch Suits offer extra comfort so you don’t have to feel too tight wearing it. With prices from $500, you can be guaranteed its value for money. If you go the premium way, be ready to part with at least $1,000.

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Giorgio Armani

The name Giorgio Armani is synonymous with fashion since the 1970s. His designs revolutionized the suits industry and his collection remains among the top-notch brands in terms of quality and features. You’ll never go wrong with a Giorgio Armani suit on your wedding day. You have dozens of colors to choose from, and depending on your budget, trust this brand to get you your dream wedding suit.

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Brooks Brothers

With over 100 years in the tailoring business, Brooks Brothers have it all. For long, the brand had been known to make suits with an old-school twist. However, in recent years, they have diversified into more modern suits that are slimmer. Each suit is tailored to perfection from the world’s finest fabrics. The details are hand-sewn to create a customized fit. Select your favorite color that fits your wedding day and get it done by the experts.

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Brunello Cucinelli

If you dare go the luxury road, Brunello Cucinelli tops the queue. The suiting techniques are unrivaled and the dedication unwavering. They offer a wide range of apparel collection, including bags, scarves, travel wear and footwear to mention just a few. Brunello Cucinelli suits are the end products of master craftsmanship and innovative design. With suits going for more than $6,000, this is a worthy investment that you’ll remember for a long time.

To Consider Before Your Purchase

Dressing for your wedding shouldn't be a complicated affair. While it's important to look your best, consider the fabrics, your budget, and consult your bride before making your final decision. A simple yet elegant and classic wedding suit tailored to your liking will definitely leave you feeling good about yourself.

Our Notes

  • Calvin Klein: Renowned the world over, Calvin Klein makes exceptional suits for all occasions.
  • Bonobos: If you're looking for suits that provide the perfect fit, Bonobos is the way to go.
  • Giorgio Armani: Giorgio Armani suits are timeless and made from top quality material.
  • Brooks Brothers: The franchise has a long history in the fashion industry and you can trust them to offer the best suits in the industry.
  • Brunello Cucinelli: If you want to invest in a luxurious suit and step out in style, get yourself a suit from Brunello Cucinelli.

What Do They Say on Other Sites

“Excellent All Around Multi Use Suit Just arrived today via UPS well inside the time promised with alterations and just right for my variable needs. The color in the photo online looks almost black, but ""in person"" shows a rich deep navy which seems to lend itself to a little more formal use. I like fabrics that are smooth to the touch but have enough resilience not to wrinkle too easily and this is just right. The fabric is a acceptable for all year wear. The jacket is cut a slight bit roomier than Brooks's Regent sport coats and has a slightly lower waist and button than past Regent cuts I've purchased which seems more contemporary to me. Feels great on and all around solid value and really priced just right." (David on Brooks and Brothers)

 “Good fit and quality, good value. 5'6"" 140 lbs. - 38 Short. I have two CK X-fit suits, one blue, one charcoal. Other than having the sleeves and legs hemmed, the fit was great for me right off the rack. Definitely slim fit. If you have a gut or particularly large pecs, maybe look elsewhere. I get many compliments on these and feel good in them, definitely can't complain considering how cheap they were.” (the fixr on Amazon

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