Top Five Cheap Fridge Freezers for You

Top Five Cheap Fridge Freezers for You

When looking for a fridge freezer, you want one that’s reliable enough to keep your groceries and foodstuffs chilled and fresh. If you’re on a budget, it can be tough to find one that meets your specific needs. Fortunately, there are a number of great options that you can pick from budget brands. Regardless of the model you're looking for, from a compact small fridge freezer to an integrated model, here are the top five cheap fridge freezers you can buy today.


Bosch Serie 4 KGN36VLEAG Fridge Freezer

This fridge freezer from Bosch offers a total capacity of 324 liters, making it ideal for big families. It’s a freestanding 60/40 fridge freezer with an A++ energy rating, which means it's energy-efficient. This model of Bosch fridge freezer comes with VitaFresh technology that the company says creates optimum conditions to keep groceries fresh for longer. It also comes with a frost-free function, saving you the time to scrape off bits of frost. Buy here.

Candy BCBS 50 NUK Integrated Fridge Freezer

The Candy BCBS is a cheap fridge freezer with a total capacity of 233 liters. This 50/50 model offers a large freezer space for families that want to freeze lots of foodstuffs. However, it isn’t that big to suit big families. Keep in mind that this is not a standalone appliance – it will slot behind kitchen doors. The unit comes with Candy Simply-Fi technology, which allows you to control it from anywhere via your smartphone. However, the fridge freezer lacks frost-free technology, meaning you’ll have to manually defrost it from time to time. Buy at Candy.

Hotpoint Day1 FFU3D.1K Fridge Freezer

The Hotpoint Day1 60/40 fridge freezer has a very spacious fridge capacity of 302 liters and a freezer capacity of 148 liters, giving you a total capacity of 450 storage space. This makes it ideal for big families. The fridge has double doors, offering additional space on the doors. This appliance is stylish and comes with a special Food Care Zone in the fridge for storing meat and fish at a cooler temperature. Thanks to the frost-free technology, you don’t have to manually defrost it. 

Samsung RB31FDRNSA Fridge Freezer


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If you're looking for a mid-range, feature-rich option, this Samsung fridge freezer will do the trick. It comes fitted with a water dispenser on the fridge door and temperature display to give you a glimpse of the fridge and freezer temperatures. In the interior, the fridge comes with four adjustable safety glass shelves, which provide high visibility. The appliance offers sufficient storage space, providing 210 liters of fridge space and 98 liters of freezer space. Buy at Samsung.

Things to Consider When Buying a Fridge Freezer Freestanding Vs. Integrated Fridge Freezer

A freestanding fridge freezer is a standalone appliance that you can fit almost anywhere as long there's enough space. It's ideal for those who don’t have a problem with space in their kitchen. On the other hand, an integrated fridge freezer, also known as a built-in fridge freezer, is one that slots into an existing kitchen behind cupboard doors to match the kitchen design.

Frost Free Technology

The frost-free technology ensures that the cool air circulating in the freezer is consistent, preventing the build-up of ice. This means you don’t have to manually defrost the freezer and scrape away frost.

Energy Ratings

When buying an electric appliance, you want one that gets the job done with efficient energy consumption. A fridge freezer with a rating of A+++ is the best, and one with a rating of A+ is the least energy efficient.


It's wise to buy a fridge freezer within your budget range. However, the cheaper ones might not have the best features or might not be as technologically advanced as the premium ones. Regardless, it's important to purchase an appliance that will meet your family's needs.

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