Top Facial Cleansing Brushes Right Now

Top Facial Cleansing Brushes Right Now

Not long ago, good bar soap and your hands were enough to wash the day away. Later, life changed since the facial cleansing brushes hit the market and these products keep getting better and better. Importantly, you need these facial cleansing brushes because your face is exposed to excess pollution and dirt every day. Plus, you can't use a scrub every day as it’s too harsh for your skin. So, the only option left is to invest in a good facial cleansing brush. A face cleansing brush stimulates the skin surface offering a gentle yet thorough exfoliation. Additionally, it speeds up the cell renewal process and you can find a brush that suits your skin type. Below are the top facial cleansing brushes right now.

Clarisonic Mia Smart Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush

Clarisonic Mia brush is one of the top-rated brushes and ideal for even more sensitive skin. The bristles are soft and gentle easing out the removal of makeup, dirt, and oils. The brush has an oscillation technology that distributes 300 micro-massage movements every minute. What’s more, the brush not only gives your skin deep clean but also, collects data over time to track how your skin is responding to it. All you need to do is sync it up with the app via Bluetooth, then select what your top skin concerns are (acne, wrinkles, oil) then get a personalized cleansing routine every morning and night. Also, the device comes with two cleaning modes (Gentle and Daily) depending on what you like, as well as a Smart mode that guides you through cleansing, massaging and blending. The brush goes for $169 and in case you want a makeup blending and massaging head, each goes for $60. But the technology and ease of use justify the cost.

Regenerist Face Cleansing Brush

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This brush cleanses your skin while sloughing away any dead cells that might potentially clog the pores. It comes with an extra brush head and batteries and is available for as low as $ 29.99. Just because it’s less expensive than them all, that doesn’t mean it works any less hard to cleanse the skin. Plus, the brush is waterproof for easier self-care routine while you’re soaking in the tub.

Foreo Luna Play Plus

If traveling light, it’s hard to pack most of the things. Interestingly Foreo Luna is one of those items that can fit anywhere even in the tiny makeup kit. Furthermore, if you’re tired of thinking about the bristles, Luna gives you a more compact look. The cleanser combines T-Sonic pulsation to cleanse the skin with a nonabrasive silicone brush and is waterproof. It’s suitable for all skin types including sensitive and acne-prone skin and has eight intensities to choose from. The brush is priced at $49 and you can find it on Amazon, Sephora, and Ulta.

Laxcare Waterproof Facial Cleansing Brush

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This brush is rated the best for acne-prone skin. What’s makes the brush stands out from the rest is because it works on not only cleansing but also keeping the pores clean and doesn’t irritate your breakouts even more. It's made of silicone material which makes it more gentle than typical brush bristles, plus they are more hygienic and less likely to harbor bacteria. Use the thicker nubs on your T-zone and any oily areas for deeper cleansing. Additionally, you have seven different speeds to choose from so you can customize it to your skin type.

To Consider Before Your Purchase

  1. Ensure that the brush head is detachable so that it can be replaced after a few months to avoid bacteria breeding.
  2. Go for a waterproof or water-resistant brush. Because you’ll be using it around a sink or in the shower, it should be able to withstand the moisture to last longer.

Our Notes

  • Clarisonic Mia: A soft and gentle cleansing brush that comes in two cleansing modes and collects data over time to track how your skin is responding to it.
  • Regenerist Face: A less expensive cleansing brush yet it does even better work at cleansing your skin than several other brushes.
  • Foreo Luna: A more compact form of cleansing brush that combines T-Sonic pulsation to cleanse the skin with a nonabrasive silicone brush and is waterproof.
  • Laxcare Waterproof: The best cleansing brush for acne-prone skin and is made of silicone material making it gentle than typical bristle brushes.

What Do They Say on Other Sites

“Love it so far I just received this Mia Smart, and after charging it for 18 hours, it worked perfectly. There was plenty of vibration when cleaning, and it left my skin super soft. I subsequently ordered several additional heads to use. I did not bother with the app. I don't see that this is necessary. I will update this review if things change.” (Mom2three on Amazon)

“Really recommend Really good product. Feels good on the skin, the vibration is good. Silicon so you don't have to worry about bacteria, just keep clean. So worth the money.” (Cathy Wilcox on Amazon)

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