Top Destinations for International English Students

Top Destinations for International English Students

A survey of over 20,000 international students indicated that when they are deciding on where to study abroad, what they normally choose first is the country over a university or a program. There are probably several reasons why most international students choose the countries below. These are top destinations for most of the international English students. Some of the reasons why these destinations have received numerous students include getting to experience a new culture, having an adventure or even achieving career goals. Now, which destinations are we talking about?


1. Malta

Malta is one of the densely populated countries of the world behind Monaco, Singapore and Hong Kong. As an international student, choosing a study destination that offers quality education is just one of the key factors. Other factors like language proficiency, tuition fees, visa requirement, degree accreditation, and work opportunity play a major part too. Malta is one of those destinations that you as an international student will benefit fully from. It offers all the above including an affordable lifestyle, quality education, and work opportunities while still studying. Plus, lectures are taught in English, and it’s strategically located in the Mediterranean Sea offering breathtaking views.

2. Ireland

The Irish are one of the most welcoming people in the world. Combining this with adventure, culture, entertainment and quality education, you get a perfect destination for international students to go. Here you will find cheap accommodation, for those who need to manage a tighter budget, for example. In addition to that, it's an English-speaking country meaning you’ll not have a hard time communicating with other people. Ireland’s Ministry of Education strives to improve the capacity to meet skills needed such as placing more focus on entrepreneurship, creativity, and innovation. As a student, you will not only gain skills in your area of study but also in other areas as mentioned above.


3. New Zealand

New Zealand has much to offer such as first-class education, stunning natural splendor, an abundance of adrenaline filled extreme sports and scenic trails made famous by the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Also, eight of their universities rank top three percent in the world. Indeed, New Zealand deserves a top spot when it comes to destinations for international students. Whenever you decide to study in this country, be prepared to find fun activities to try.

4. England

Not sure if is the English language, or the quirky jargon or the Harry Potter castle or just David Beckham’s profile, but for some reason, most students all over the world choose England as their destination country. But for sure England is ideal for international students who have never been into another country. And since English is spoken everywhere, finding your way through the city is quite easier.

5. Canada

People refer to Canada as the most educated country. There is some truth to this because Canada has managed to have top universities in the world and has been ranked fourth in the world for teaching quality. Away from classes, you get to enjoy multiple national parks, Niagara Falls or meet a polar bear in Churchill. It’s easy to adjust to Canadian life due to its diversity and inclusive values. Plus, Canada is recognized the world over as the best country to live and study in.

To Consider Before Your Purchase

  • Language. Before choosing your destination and then packing your bags and heading off, you need to be familiar with the language they speak. Then confirm that the program you’re going to undertake in the university is offered in a language you can understand.

Our Notes

  • Malta: A world class destination that offers more than just excellent education.
  • Ireland: An English-speaking country with cheap accommodation.
  • New Zealand: Extremely fun country to be in with outstanding education to offer.
  • England: Every international student first destination pick and an easy place to find your way through the city.
  • Canada: A very diverse country from the culture to fun activities and finally in their education.

What Do They Say on Other Sites

“The Erasmus program was for me – an undergraduate student – a chance to increase awareness, skills, confidence and results for communicating effectively, accurately and respectfully across cultures. Living in a country that differs significantly from my own country, provided me with all kinds of experiences; experiences that stimulate you to socialize with others, to pore questions, to discover new methods and ways to doing things, to appreciate different perspectives, to be flexible and to determine what is of relevance, based on new insights.” (Student from Greece)

“I've got a good time and good academic, social and language experience in Politecnico. I met new friends and had some travels around Italy and some other countries of Europe. I am thankful to my lucky stars for such opportunity.” (Dmytro on iAngora

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