Top 4K TVs for Gaming

Top 4K TVs for Gaming

Sometime back, 4k TVs were an incredibly exorbitant expense with no Ultra HD content to make them worthwhile. Now, there is so much choice in 4k TVs and because of that, you can get a good gaming TV for much less money nowadays. However, all TVs are priced differently and the more your TV costs the better the feature set but remember more extras aren’t necessary for gaming. Below 4k TVs have been tested and recommended for gaming. Here are the recommendations for the top 4k TVs for gaming.

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This is the most beautiful ‘traditional’ looking set in the market. The TV is clear, with an ultra-skinny stand designed in such a way that the picture appears as if it's floating in mid-air, making it even easier to be used in games like Forza 7. However, you need to dig deeper into your pocket to acquire this 4k TV. It goes for around $1,446.99. This 4k TV series also benefit from an impressive new Alpha 9 processor, making the TV’s HDR pictures brighter than previous OLEDs. Additionally, unlike the previous 7 series, this E8 no longer dims the pictures when set to HDR game mode helping the high dynamic games look more alluring. Even better, when in HDR10 mode, the compatible games appear more dynamic provided you have Dynamic Tone Mapping switched on.

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Vizio PQ65 – F1

This P series Quantum is the best 4k LED gaming TV that has been tested so far. It has a fast response time and low input lag, ensuring clear motion and responsive gaming experience. The TV has an excellent picture quality and the games look amazing due to the incredible HDR peak brightness. However, the TV lacks advanced gaming features such as support for AMD’s Free sync variables refresh rate technology. Overall, this gaming TV will ease most people, whether they are gaming on high-end gaming PC or a recent console.

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Samsung Q9F

Samsung’s QLED tech takes control of the market when it comes to vibrant colors and vivid contrasts. This Q9F is the best since 2018, although you can pick it up now for half the price due to the introduction of Q90R, as the latest version. Additionally, you will find almost all the features in the newest Q90R present in the Q9F. Now, let’s dig deep into what makes Q9F among the best. It’s an HDR 2000 tech which is the latest HDR of any commercially available TV. It has a wide range of colors, with a great sound which is unusual for TVs that place such an emphasis on soundbars and headsets. Comparing several TVs in the market, this is one of the best value TV right now and the best you will ever own.

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OLED (or Original Light Emitting Diode) TVs were mainly made for gaming. They have a short response time and fast refresh rate making them the best in gaming. LG C9 is one of a kind which produces an outstanding image color and low motion blur. Thanks to the fast response rate, you can hardly experience any lag between hitting your mouse or controller and seeing the action unfold on the screen. The only thing holding back this TV is the high price which makes one go for Vizio instead. Otherwise, if you have the money to invest in a good TV, LG C9 is the one kind you will never regret.

To Consider Before Your Purchase

  • Response time and refresh rate: A gaming TV should have response times as low as 1ms and refresh rate up to 240Hz for 1080p or 165Hz for 1440p. Lower response times lead to less ghosting and better all-round image quality.
  • HDR: Look for a TV model that supports HDR. HDR gaming continues to rise and once you’ve experienced it you won’t want to go back.
  • The number of HDMI Inputs: You should put into consideration the number of things you’re going to plug into your TV at once. Having a TV with multiple HDMI pots help minimize the damage while swapping HDMI cables

Our Notes

  • LD OLED 55E8PUA: A 4k TV that uses Alpha 9 processor which is the high-end kind of technology available right now in the market.
  • Vizio PQ65 – F1: An affordable gaming TV that uses excellent technology and a fast response rate.
  • Samsung Q9F: Good picture quality display on this TV which uses HDR 2000 tech and you can acquire it at a relatively low price.
  • LG C9 OLED: This TV is a bit pricey but it’s worth it, plus it has a fast response rate and outstanding picture quality.

What Do They Say on Other Sites

“Very happy with this TV. We purchased the 55", and are really blown away by this TV. Despite the fairly hefty price tag, we're very happy we bought it. The picture quality is incredible, and even the built-in sound quality is stunning. Yeah you could make it better with a sound bar, but even without it (as we're electing) the sound is very good. Further, we mounted it on our wall, and given how slim and svelte it is, the aesthetic of this TV on a wall is rather quite nice. We also have the Apple TV 4k, and pairing that with this TV takes things to the next-level, as Dolby Vision and Atmos are used - by both the Apple TV 4k, as well as with this TV. Overall, we're very happy with this TV and no regrets whatsoever.” (Michaels on Amazon)

“The best LED TV on the market, and a fraction of the cost of Samsung's best TV. Amazing brightness, HDR has finally found a home to reach it's full potential. Picture quality is superb. Smart features are good enough, but can't add any more apps than the 20 it comes preinstalled with, but there's an easy solution to that: buy a stand-alone smart box (roku, chromecast, apple TV, etc.). (J. Cole on Amazon