Scariest Halloween Costumes for 2019

Scariest Halloween Costumes for 2019

Halloween holiday is all about the fear, the jitters, and the terror. So forget the candy or spooky snacks and get yourself the scariest Halloween costume to scare the living hell out of everyone. From Michael Myers to Slasher to Annabelle, among other classic and famous villains, this guide will help you find the scariest costumes for both adults and kids. So, let’s embrace the spookiest season of the year and spread the fear.

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Pet Sematary Blood Cat Cosplay Mask

If you’ve watched Pet Sematary, then you know how spooky the kids wearing the cat masks were in the middle of the woods. The mask has the same effect and is made of latex. It’s a one-size-fits-all mask with a flexible strap at the backside. This cat cosplay mask covers half the face, making it easy for you to breath. Everything on this mask, including the whiskers, look realistic and when you add other items like an ax or chainsaw to complement the looks, you can give literally anyone the scare of their lives. The piece goes for $19.99 on Amazon.



Hophen Creepy Scary Zombie Mask

Do you know of a friend who claims they never get scared? Well, just get this Scary Zombie Mask from Amazon and it's guaranteed to make them scream. The mask looks scary out of the box and even scarier when you wear it. This creepy mask is for adults, both men and women, and is made of high-quality latex material. Customers say that it's breathable and comfortable. It's also a one-size-fits-all and suitable for head dimension below 65cm. Get it for $15.89 on Amazon.

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Michael Myers Full Head Mask

This fictional character from the Halloween series of slasher movies has continued to grow in popularity. The face mask is one of the best and scariest costumes, especially if worn at night. The Michael Myers full head mask is a scary piece that disguises you like the real killer in those horror movies. Complement the face mask with a jumpsuit and a huge knife and spread the fear. The material is made from 100% natural latex that is non-toxic. However, some users complained about the smell of latex being too strong for comfort. The head mask goes for $15.99 on Amazon.


Headless Man

This costume creates an illusion that you're a headless man. Make your look scarier by wielding a gigantic knife, ax, or sword dripping with blood. The costume includes the shoulder, headless neck, and a long black rob. The costume fits comfortably and is breathable. The material is made from 100% polyester and is durable. Prices start from $24.49 on Amazon.

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Rubie’s Scary The Nun Costume

Ladies, you're not left out. If you haven't watched The Nun, then you missed an incredibly scary and awesome movie. This is a popular creepy Halloween costume that includes a habit with a mask. The robe is quite heavy and made of high quality. Even for a 6’1 adult, it will fit perfectly. However, you might want to eat before wearing it since the costume doesn’t allow for that. The rubber mask doesn’t look cheap like that of most masks and it has a spacer inside making it easy to keep its shape. If you're a fan of the Conjuring world, Annabelle, and other horror movies, this costume is sure to scare the hell out of anyone, especially in the dark. The prices range from $33.73 to $70.97

To Consider Before Your Purchase

Inquire about the material of the costume first before purchasing it. You need something durable, efficient, comfortable and breathable, especially if it’s a face mask. You also want to confirm the size of the costume. If you get the wrong size, it won't fit properly and it will end up looking bad on you.

Our Notes

  • Pet Sematary Blood Cat Cosplay Mask: It covers half the face making it easy to breathe in.
  • Hophen Creepy Scary Zombie Mask: This mask will give anyone the total scare. Its material is made of latex and it can be worn by both men and women.
  • Headless Man: This costume creates the best illusion of a headless man, especially if you get the right size.
  • Michael Myers Full Head Mask: This costume is creepy and a must-have Halloween collection.
  • Rubie’s Scary The Nun Costume: The habit is made of heavy material and the rubber mask is fitted with a spacer ensuring that it keeps its shape.

What Do They Say on Other Sites

“The Nun So I want to start saying this costume is pretty legit the material is very nice and durable it’s not cheap at all. The hood length is very movie accurate along with the robe however the actual mask it comes with is horrible in not a good kinda way haha not really fan of it so luckily I had a better mask. Other than that I love this costume or cosplay ! I will be attending to a horror con as The Nun and Myers!" (The Cool Monkey on Amazon)

“Scary! I put on this mask and crawled into my coworkers office as she was focused diligently on her computer. I scared her so much that she hurt her jaw from jerking it open to scream. I've never heard her scream that loud and I hurt my jaw from jerking it open with shock underneath the mask. I fell over and rolled on the floor laughing. Good, scary mask!" (Renee on Amazon

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