Samsung Galaxy S22 Series Vs. iPhone 13: Which One Is the Best?

Samsung Galaxy S22 Series Vs. iPhone 13: Which One Is the Best?

There’s a lot of chatter in the air regarding the new Samsung Galaxy S22 Series, which is rumored to be the most advanced Samsung smartphone. There’s no official launch date yet, but if Samsung’s 12-month cycle is anything to go by, we should expect the S22 to be launched in early 2022, perhaps January. With the current release of Apple's latest smartphone, the iPhone 13, we couldn't help but compare these two devices to find out which will outperform the other.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Vs. iPhone 13: Processor

We already know that Samsung partnered with AMD on a new Exynos chip, bearing AMD RDNA2 graphics architecture. The chip is said to deliver very impressive graphic power to the flagship phone, including ray-tracing and variable rate shading.

Analysis by Ice Universe on Twitter shows that the new Exynos chip registered an impressive 3D Mark Wild Life benchmark score of 8,134 with 50.3 frames per second (fps). In comparison, iPhone 13’s A15 Bionic chipset scored 11,693 with 70 fps, which is way above the S22.

The iPhone 12 manages a score of 8,555, with 51 fps, which is still higher than the Samsung Galaxy S22. The RDNA2 GPU score may be one of the highest on an Android device, but it's not close to what the iPhone 13 offers.

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Samsung Galaxy S22 Vs. iPhone 13: Cameras

Leaks about the S22 claim that Samsung has partnered with Olympus to build cameras for its next Galaxy phones, starting with S22. If the rumors are true, this could give Samsung an advantage over other industry standards.

Some leaks suggest the Galaxy S22 camera will have a whopping 200-megapixel resolution, which would be an upgrade from the already superb 108 megapixels of the S21 Ultra. Theoretically, this would allow for crisper zoomed-in pictures.

iPhone 13, on the other hand, has impressed us with the camera improvements and advanced features like Light Detecting and Ranging (LiDAR) and ultra-wide sensors. Night mode images are now sharper and more detailed. It also features intelligent software for photo and filmmaking techniques. You can shoot macro videos and capture the tiniest of details.

You can also shoot videos in cinematic mode, which supports Dolby Vision HDR. This mode lets you change focus or adjust the level of bokeh even after capture.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Vs. iPhone 13: Battery Life and Charging

The new Samsung Galaxy S22 is tipped to have a smaller battery than previous models. According to leaks from Galaxy Club, the battery size is rated at 3,700mAh, which is smaller than Galaxy S21’s 4,000mAh.

On tests, the S21 lasted around nine hours at 60Hz and six hours with adaptive display enabled. The leaker goes on to say that the rest of the Galaxy S22 lineup batteries have also been downgraded. The Galaxy S22 Plus supposedly will have a 4,500mAh battery (compared to 4,800mAh of the Galaxy S21 Plus), while the Galaxy S22 Ultra will at least match the 5,000mAh battery capacity of its predecessor.

Galaxy Club notes that Samsung is planning to optimize other areas of the S22 series to compensate for the reduction in battery capacity, such as the new Eco2 OLED, which debuted in the Galaxy Z Fold 3 smartphone.

The iPhone 13, on the other hand, bumped up its battery, with the iPhone 13 Pro Max purportedly having up to 2.5 more hours and up to 1.5 more hours on iPhone 13 Pro. Battery life is expected to be more efficient, thanks to the A15 Bionic chip and ProMotion, which automatically sets the refresh rate depending on what's happening on the screen.

In terms of charging speeds, leaks suggest Samsung is working on a faster charging system, and bets are they will support 45W or 65W charging speeds. One leaker, FrontTron posted on Twitter that 65W was in the testing phase for the Rainbow RGB, the code name for the Galaxy S22.

For your information, the 65W Samsung charger is already certified by multiple international certification systems, proof that Samsung is working on 65W charging.

However, another source, Ice Universe claims to be certain that the S22 ultra will feature a 45W charging, saying that tests for 65W didn’t pan out. This won't be the first time Samsung is trying to introduce faster-charging speeds. It tried 45W before but dropped back down to 25W for the S21 series.

While 65W charging speeds wouldn’t be market-leading, it will definitely be a game-changer and a positive for the Samsung line of phones.

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Samsung Galaxy S22 Vs. iPhone 13: Display

Another area of focus is the display of these two phones, with a particular focus on size. We all know that iPhone 13 is thick, at 6.7 inches for the Pro Max and 6.1 inches for the Pro. The S22 is notably sleeker, with shrank dimensions.

According to leaker Tron on Twitter, the S22 could come with a 6.01-inch display, the S22+ could sport a 6.55-inch screen, and the Galaxy S22 Ultra may come with a 6.81-inch display. Companies are no longer focusing on how big the display is, but on the type of tech it offers, like HDR, peak brightness, and higher refresh rates.

It's comforting to know that the new S22 series will sport reduced displays, making them more pocket-friendly. What’s more, it's thin, light, and easy to use with one hand.

As you can see, there’s plenty of rumors surrounding the expected Galaxy S22 flagship phone that's anticipated to debut early in 2022. We expect lots of details to change as we near the launch. Meanwhile, be sure to watch this space as we explore more features of the new Samsung Galaxy S22.