PS6 Release Date, Price, Controllers, Specs, and Rumors

PS6 Release Date, Price, Controllers, Specs, and Rumors

The arrival of PlayStation 5 in 2020 caused a stir with its amazing new design and advanced features. While the PS5 remains out of stock due to chip shortages, it's never too early to talk about the next big gaming console from Sony, PS6. Although years away, we can't help but fantasize about what PlayStation 6 will look like. Will it feature a slimmer design? Will the internal storage be expanded? Perhaps the console will have wireless charging capabilities? Keep reading to find out what to expect about PS6, its release date, price, specs and more.

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Sony PlayStation 6: Release Date

What we know so far is that Sony has filed the trademark for the name and the development of Play Station 6 is ongoing. If we analyze Sony’s previous cycles, we can calculate the release date for the new PS6 console.

Typically, Sony has been releasing a new and updated gaming console every six to seven years. Since the launch of PS1, the company has been following the same cycle of years:

  • PS1 to PS2: six years

  • PS2 to PS3: seven years

  • PS3 to PS4: seven years

  • PS4 to PS5: seven years

If Sony sticks to this cycle, then we can expect Sony PlayStation 6 to be released in late 2026 or 2027. In the meantime, it wouldn’t be surprising for Sony to follow PS4’s release schedule and deliver a PS5 Pro or Slim before the PlayStation 6, around 2023-2024.


Sony PlayStation 6 Price Rumors

Looking at the past consoles, which cost between $400 and $500, we can forecast a price range of $600. The new PS6 console is more likely to feature some advanced functionalities that will drive the price a bit higher.

However, we can't know for certain the type of hardware or improvements coming to the next-gen PlayStation. But, as time goes by and details become clearer, we can make more accurate predictions.

Sony PlayStation6 Pre-Order Details

No official dates have been announced yet. Pre-order information will be available after Sony’s official announcement. Keep checking this page for updates.

Sony PlayStation 6: Expected Features

Going by PS5’s features, we can anticipate impressive improvements in the quality and extent of the PS6 features. Here’s what we expect to see on the new PS6 gaming console:

Storage Improvements

Expanding the integral storage for PS5 is possible but not easy. We are hoping that Sony makes the internals of PS6 more accessible to simplify swapping out the hard drive for more storage options. 

While you may have the option to add an external drive, it won't match the read speeds of an internal NVMe SSD. A plug-and-go model would be more convenient. Alternatively, Xbox Series X’s approach to expandable storage or something similar would be great.

Better User Interface

Hopefully, the PlayStation Store gets an update and offers better ways to navigate. The UI should be more accessible, and finding friends and arranging a party shouldn't be a hassle.

Slimmer Console

The PS5 is a tall console that’s easily noticeable, no matter where you place it in a room. Hopefully, the PS6 will feature a smaller design that will easily fit in any room. We don’t expect the PS6 to be bigger than the PlayStation 5.


VR Integration

The advancement of VR technology in various sectors has been gaining traction. With meetings now happening in virtual workspaces, the use of VR devices has been on the rise. We expect Sony to integrate VR into its consoles to include virtual reality games.

It wouldn’t be surprising for Sony to include motion controllers and VR headsets into the PS6 package.

Digital-Only Console

The world is going digital, and this is evident in new smartphones that don’t have charging ports or headphone jacks. Chances are, the PlayStation 6 will be disc-less. Those who like collecting physical games and movies will be disappointed.

But this is a good thing, which, supported by faster internet speeds, should make streaming seamless.

Sony PlayStation 6: Specs

The PS6 is still years away, and it’s too early to predict what kind of hardware will be available then. Generally, we expect the console to sport highly advanced specifications, including a 4K Blu-ray player, 8K/120 fps, enhanced graphics, and a faster, more capable CPU.

Concept videos forecasting the new PS6 design are circulating on YouTube, and it will be interesting to see what Sony has in store for its PlayStation fans.

Other news shows that Sony has filed trademarks for PS6 through to PS10, indicating that the development of new consoles is coming in the next few years.

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