PS5 Restock: Where to Buy it Online for Christmas 2021

PS5 Restock: Where to Buy it Online for Christmas 2021

That perfect gift is hard to find at Christmas, especially if you’re looking for a must-have item like the PS5. Stocks are consistently low, so it pays to know which retailers get regular restocks of the latest PlayStation device. Target, Best Buy, Walmart, GameStop, and Amazon are the sellers to go to, but they have them available for minutes before all their stock is sold, so how do you stand a chance of getting your hands on one?

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Which Stores?

When you buy, don’t be tempted by unrealistic deals. You might want to save money on the $499.99 recommended retail price, but stick to household names, or you could get scammed. When an item’s hot and there’s a lot of interest in it, scammers turn up for the ride. That’s especially true over the holiday season. Giving your card details to a site you’ve never come across before is tempting when there’s a considerable discount, but don’t do it. Stick to brands you know like Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop, Target, and Walmart. There are two others that are less well-known but just as reputable - Antonline and Newegg.

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When to Buy?

Timing is everything, but there’s no way of knowing when a retailer has stock or is there? Helpful guys like Matt Swider from are in contact with staff at retailers who update him on when stock will arrive. You can sign up for the newsletter through the site or follow him on Twitter. In some recent updates, Matt’s made users aware of PS5s arriving at Walmart at 9 PM on September 23 and Best Buy on October 21 at 3.30 PM. Providing the times allows shoppers to get online ready to click. As we’ve said, PS5s are selling in minutes online, so make sure you’re prepared for the alerts.

Sony Direct

Sony is getting in on this too to help customers get the console they want. Users can sign in to their PlayStation Network logons. Once you’ve signed in, you’ll see a white box with a large “Register” button. Click that, and you should get selected for an upcoming Sony Direct PS5 restock Email invitation. You’ll get a “Thank you for registering” confirmation in green text. Then you’ll be entered into a lottery-style virtual queue. Users are Emailed invitations at random, but that won’t happen until November. If selected, you’ll only be able to purchase one PS5 from Sony using MasterCard, Visa, or Discover. Anyone reading this post from outside the US should not apply as Sony will only ship to the US.

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How to Improve Chances of Sony Direct Invite

There are things you can do to help you get the coveted invitation. Make sure you opt into Sony’s marketing notification. To do that, go into your PSN account, select notifications, and check off the first box, which gives them permission to email you. The second criteria is a little stranger. The website says, “Our selection is based on previous interests and PlayStation activities.” We assume that’s a way of removing second accounts, although we’re not 100 percent sure. If you log into games through the account you registered with Sony Direct and play games through it, that will show you’re a legitimate user.

Black Friday

We don’t advise you to wait for Black Friday. There aren’t likely to be too many deals on the PS5, thanks to its popularity. Why would retailers hold stock for a day like Black Friday when they can sell for massive profits within a few minutes? You probably won’t see bundle deals either. Instead, retailers might hold off other PS5 related stock hoping that buyers on a Black Friday spending spree pick up those during the event.

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