PS5 Pro Release Date, Price, and Rumors

PS5 Pro Release Date, Price, and Rumors

While PS5 restocks still prove difficult to get, attention has already turned to a possible release of PlayStation 5 Pro. PS5 remains one of the most sold consoles of all time, but the chip shortage hasn’t made it easy for Sony or avid gamers. It’s only been a year and a half since PlayStation 5 was released into the market. But that hasn’t stopped speculation about when the next console will be available. Could it offer enhanced performance than the original? How much will PS5 Pro cost? Will the design remain the same? Keep reading to find out.

PS5 Pro Release Date and Expected Price

Whenever a new console is on the way, price is one of the biggest concerns. PS5 Pro will definitely be an upgrade from PlayStation 5, and it might carry a higher price tag.

Looking at a past trend, PS4 Pro was launched at the same price point as the base model. If Sony follows a similar route, then the PS5 Pro could cost around $499 / £449, which is the current price of the PlayStation 5 gaming console.

In terms of release date, Sony is likely to follow the same strategy as it did with PS4 Pro, which was released in 2016, three years after PS4 was launched. Seeing as PS5 was released in November 2020, an educated guess places the PS5 Pro’s release date to late 2023.

However, given the coronavirus pandemic that led to a component shortage, we won't be surprised if Sony pushes the launch of the PS5 Pro to 2024 or beyond.


PS5 Pro Design

Various sources claim that the new PlayStation 5 Pro console is most likely to supersede the base model in terms of design. Like we saw with PS4 Pro, which was bigger than the original (even though by a slight margin), Sony will likely maintain the futuristic design, and probably make it slimmer.

Keep in mind that the PS5 is not a small machine. It can be quite the attention-grabber in any room. It would be interesting if Sony were to manage to make the frame smaller but give it a performance boost.

Sony recently indicated that a redesign of the PS5 might be necessary so it can meet demand. This is largely due to the shortage of semiconductors delaying the production of PS5. To mitigate this problem, Sony might be forced to change the design of the Pro edition.

PS5 Pro Specifications

PS5 Pro’s performance is obviously an area of interest for most people eager to see what the new console brings to the table. The base model utilizes a GPU based on AMD’s RDNA 2 architecture. It won't be surprising if Sony upgrades the CPU, possibly boosting it to Zen 4 architecture CPUs and RDNA 3-architecture GPUs.

If this is implemented, the PS5 Pro will play games more efficiently, with higher resolutions and frame rates. Since the PS5 is still unable to output any games at 8K, perhaps PS5 Pro might make this a reality. Considering that TVs now feature 8K support, the gaming industry shouldn’t be that far behind in implementing the technology.

The PS5 Pro is also likely to come with a larger SSD compared to the base model. A 1TB SSD will go a long way in allowing for more game storage.

If you're wondering if there will be a PS5 Pro Digital Edition, the answer is unlikely. The PS5 Digital Edition serves as a cheaper alternative to the PS5 for those who don’t need a disc drive. Plus, this hasn’t happened in the past, so we don’t expect it to start now.

Recent rumors also indicate that Sony might be thinking of boosting ray tracing performance by up to two and a half times. Ideally, this would also mean we can expect to see upscaled 4K at 120fps and native 4K at 60fps with solid ray-tracing effects.

A recent patent filing strongly supports this, and since the current models wouldn’t be able to accommodate the hardware tweaks, it could well mean the PS5 Pro model may feature it.


Is the PS5 Pro Worth the Wait?

No avid gamer can dismiss performance upgrades and an increase in storage space. If all the rumors come to pass and the PlayStation 5 Pro is actually a better version of PS5, then yes, it's definitely worth the wait.

These are just speculations. But stay tuned to get informed of any new developments regarding the PlayStation 5 Pro. Meanwhile, there’s not much we can do but wait for PS5 restocks in the various retailers.

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