Hot Belt - Men

Hot Belt - Men

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Get rid of that gut and get the sculpted abs that you've always wanted. Love handles and beer bellies begone. It's time to start looking great again. 


Visible results in just a few weeks! If the number on the scale is really starting to weigh you down, then it's time to check out HotBelt! One of a new generation of weight-loss aids that are based on tried and true technology used by the military and by professional wrestlers.

 HotBelt is designed to make any workout more effective and any, any, activity a workout. The specially designed, high-tech Neo-care fabric not only helps your lose weight, but it helps you get expel dangerous toxins from your body as well. HotBelt is THE way to get the at stomach and carved abs that you've always wanted! HotBelt is adjustable and has breathable fibre 

Burns stomach fat Quickly and easily start burning calories and losing weight with HotBelt. It helps you target the fat around your belly and elsewhere to give you the perfect weight-loss experience and rapid, targeted results. Eliminates toxins Parties, holidays, weekends that got a little too wild - you're body is accumulating toxins throughout all of this. When you eat, drink, and breath then you're body is pulling in toxins. Over time these can build up and start causing common health problems! With HotBelt's specially designed Neocare fabric you can start reversing the process and expelling toxins from your body!

Advantages & Features 

  • Renew and tones the silhouette 
  • Wear it during any activity 
  • Machine washable (max. 30°C) 
  • Burns calories and sheds pounds 
  •  prepare to move down a few sizes! T
  • Adjustable straps
  • Breathable fibre


Available in black 

Do not use for more than 8 hours at a time (this is powerful stuff!) 

Never sleep in HotBelt!

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