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Hot Shapers

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Discover Hot shapers, the neoprene leggings that redefines, tone,  your silhouette! An innovative technology for the maximum possible result!

This is one of our most beloved products!! Get a renewed silhouette and a nice toned look thanks to this all-new innovation. Hot shapers encourages sweating for fast weight loss and increased calorie burning! By concentrating and conserving body heat you warm up faster, burn more calories, and start sweating out toxins. Hot shapers warms up the lower body, helps you lose weight, burns calories, and helps get rid of cellulite! Leaving you with a toned, masculine lower body. 


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The big difference between Hot Pants  and sweatpants is its effectiveness.

Normal sweatpants are just designed to keep you warm while you work out. Hot Shapers is a performance solution using performance material. It is designed to increase the effectiveness of a workout AND help sculpt the body and help you lose weight when you're not working out. Hot shapers is comfortable, discreet, and effective. You can wear it from the home to the gym and anywhere in between. With HOT shapers you can maximise the result of any workout and make a workout out of any activity! Just wear your Hot shapers during any of your workout, sporting activities, etc. You can even wear it during normal household chores or running errands to turn a normal activity into a weight-loss activity.

Advantages & Features 

  • Firms tones 
  •  Improves your overall health! 
  • Can be worn during sports to improve your results 
  • Helps you loses weight
  •  The Neocare material helps stimulate sweating both to help you lose weight and eliminate toxins 
  • Inclusive lower body effect, it goes all the way to your lower angles so no part of the lower body is missed 
  • Maximizes the results of your workouts by stimulating the legs, thighs, and glutes.

 Available sizes:  S/M/L/XL/XXL/XXXL / 

Available in black! 

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