Hot Belt - women

Hot Belt - women

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Get the at stomach you've always wanted and lose those love handles with HOTBELT!

Get a silhouette that will make all your friends envious AND improve your quality of life at the same time.


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Start seeing results in just a few weeks!  Are those pounds starting to weigh you down? Getting sick of seeing love handles in the mirror everyday? Put those days behind you and prepare to get back into your old jeans! Hot Belt is a technological revolution that uses a unique fabric to facilitate and encourage rapid weight loss! The specially designed, high-tech Neocare fabric not only helps your lose weight, but it also helps you break down and expel dangerous toxin buildups in your body. Get fit, look great, live healthy with Hot Belt. 

Burn calories with Hot Belt Quickly eliminate those stubborn pounds that have been hanging out around your waist. You're abs are just sitting weighting to look great! Hot Belt burns the calories away leaving you with a great looking body. It only takes a few weeks of use to start seeking real results! 

Eliminate toxins Parties, holidays, weekends that got a little too wild - you're body is accumulating toxins throughout all of this. When you eat, drink, and breath then you're body is pulling in toxins. Over time these can build up and start causing common health problems! With HotBelt's specially designed Neocare fabric you can start reversing the process and expelling toxins from your body! 

Targets water retentions With age the you' body starts to retain water at a higher rate than normal, this is one of the things that contributes to beer bellies and love handles. Water gets absorbed by fat cells, causing them to swell and make you look significantly larger than you really are. 

Belt can help you rapidly shed pounds by making you expel this built up water. Look great and feel great with Hot Belt Hot Belt uses a unique Neocare fiber to help you lose weight and expel toxins with incredible alacrity. The weave and material are specially designed to facilitate weight loss and increase the calorie burn of any activity. For maximum comfort and for maximum effectiveness, Hot Belt needs to be in constant contact with the skin. To enable this and to increase comfort a small percentage of Spandex has been woven into the blend to make sure Hot Belt stays where you want it and does its job! Keep your weight-loss program going at full speed. Take advantage of out limited-time offer to get 2 Hot Belts for an even lower price! You'll always have one on hand for any exercise, sport, or activity!

Advantages and features

  • The Neocare fabric will help your body expel toxins, 
  • lose weight, and burn calories! 
  • Increase the intensity of any workout and make any activity a workout

More info: Available sizes: S/M/L/XL 

Neocare For women 

Available in black

 Do not use while pregnant 

Do not use for more than 8 hours at a time 

Never sleep in Hot Belt 

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