Oculus Quest 3: Release Date, Games, and Price

Oculus Quest 3: Release Date, Games, and Price

The Oculus Quest 2 is one of the best VR headsets for gaming in the market today. Meta (formerly Facebook) has been at the forefront of designing and making VR headsets in its quest to establish itself as a leader in the metaverse universe. Recently, Meta rebranded its Quest lineup of products, so it better matches its Facebook parent company name. Not surprisingly, the Oculus Quest 2 might be the last of its kind, and the Oculus Quest 3 could sport the name Meta Quest 3. With over 10 million Oculus Quest 2 units sold since it was launched, what are the chances of the company releasing Oculus Quest 3? Here’s everything we know so far.

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Project Cambria Vs. Oculus Quest 3

When Oculus teased its newest, high-end VR headset, Project Cambria, most people thought it was the successor to Oculus Quest 2. However, as confirmed by the company, Project Cambria isn’t a Quest device at all. It's an entirely different line of headset IP geared towards high-end gamers.

Nothing has been said officially about the potential release of Project Cambria, unofficially dubbed Oculus Quest Pro. However, analyst Ben Lynch suggests that we could see the device launched in Q2 2022, which runs from April to June 2022.

As for Oculus Quest 3, Meta has clarified that the project is still in development, which clears the confusion that Project Cambria might have replaced the Quest 3.

Oculus Quest 3 Release Date

Quest 2 was launched in October 2020, only a year after the release of the original. If Meta is to maintain this timeline, we might expect the Oculus Quest 3 release date to be around October 2023. This period falls within the company’s annual event, Connect.

In a 2021 interview, Mark Zuckerberg, the Meta CEO, confirmed that the Quest 3 is in development and that the company is already in the early stages of developing Quest 4. Zuckerberg noted that “because of how hardware gets developed, you kind of need to know what your next three products are going to look like all at the same time.”

He added that “we have product teams spun up now working on the next few generations of virtual reality and what Quest 3 and 4 are going to look like.”

Although this is far from confirmation that Quest 4 will actually be there, it's good news to know that we can expect it in the near future. In another news, in April 2021, two key Oculus executives shared details suggesting the next device is more likely to be an Oculus Quest 2 upgrade rather than a full-on Oculus Quest 3 follow-up.

But this might be in reference to the planned upgrade of Quest 2 or the recently announced Project Cambria. Neither Meta nor Oculus has been clear about the upcoming products.

All in all, the best prediction for an Oculus Quest 3 release date is late 2023.

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Oculus Quest 3 Price

So, how much will Oculus Quest 3 cost? To determine its price, let's take a look at the price of Oculus Quest 2. The Quest 2 is available in two variants: the 128GB model, priced at $299/£299, and the 256GB model that goes for $399/£399.

The cost of Quest 2 is much cheaper than the initial price of the original, Oculus Quest. Oculus adopted a “same price, improved specs” strategy with the upgrade of Oculus Rift to the Rift S. If this strategy is anything to go by, we don’t expect the Oculus Quest 3 to have a significantly high price than the Quest 2, although we can expect much better specs.

We have already seen and heard rumors about Project Cambria targeting high-end gamers, meaning it will be on the expensive side. It follows that the Quest 3 might be pricier, particularly if it keeps its promise of delivering superior features and performance.

Oculus Quest 3 Specs

The Quest 2 packs an impressive set of features that are an improvement of the original Quest. The Oculus Quest 3 will, obviously, go up another level. According to Brad Lynch, the Quest 3 might sport a newer uOLED screen technology, which should put it ahead of Sony’s PSVR 2, which boasts 4K HDR OLED panels and a 2000 x 2040 per-eye resolution.

The Quest 3 will likely match Quest 2’s 120Hz refresh rate, with its performance and capabilities improving with future updates. The device might also feature full-body tracking and light-field display technology that would blur the line between real and virtual reality with advanced distance rendering.

As for the Oculus Quest 3 Controllers, Meta hasn’t revealed any details yet, but a few screenshots shared by YouTuber Basti564 suggests that they will be upgraded.

Nothing much has been rumored about the display tech, including the potential resolution and field of view changes. It will be exciting to see what features and specs the Oculus Quest 3 will bring whenever it's announced.

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