How to Protect your Garden from Thieves

How to Protect your Garden from Thieves

It's quite frustrating to find your crops, flowers, veggies, bicycles, garden tools, and other things of sentimental value missing from your garden. Garden theft is a real thing, particularly during summer, and statistics show that theft rates go up between June and August. To put an end to this worrying trend and save thousands of your hard-earned cash replacing stolen items and plants, here are effective tips to protect your garden from thieves.

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Light Up Your Garden

A garden that lacks outdoor lighting is more prone to burglary attempts than one with lighting. Outdoor lighting comes in many forms and the best one to install is garden security LED motion-activated light. These systems are designed to light up suddenly when a potential burglar tries to sneak in. One such powerful garden security light is the MagicPro Solar powered light. It's easy to install and ideal for the garden, driveway, gate, or backyard. It uses solar power, and all you have to do is find the perfect location to mount it. It’s also weather-friendly and holds pretty well in very wet conditions thanks to the IP65 technology. The 136 LED lights are very bright and light up as soon as the motion sensors are triggered. An alternative option would be the Lepower 28W LED Security Light. It's very bright and its motion sensor technology can pick up movement up to 72 ft. with a 180-degree wide detection angle.

Install Garden Security Cameras and/or Alarm Systems

Alarm Systems and garden security cameras will help deter thieves from breaking into your homestead. Battery-powered security cameras like Zumimall Wireless Rechargeable Wi-Fi Camera allow you to install them anywhere in your garden. Most of these cameras are easy to install and built to withstand harsh weather conditions. Reolink Outdoor Security Camera is another great outdoor security camera that not only protects your home but also your garden from thieves. It works with Alexa and Google Assistant, plus it's equipped with night vision. The solar panels provide power and it doesn't require any wires. Be sure to put up signs at the front and back garden to show that your garden is under 24-hour surveillance.

Secure Your Valuables

Leaving your bicycles, garden tools, exotic plants, barbeques, and gnomes out in the open without any kind of protection is tempting even for petty thieves. Likewise, if you have a bike shed or a garage, it goes without saying that you need to lock them. Never leave your garage door or bike shed open. Tools should be locked away once you're done using them. If you have garden furniture, statues, gnomes, planters, or any permanent items that need to stay outside, secure them to the ground using cement or by chaining them to an anchor. Alternatively, using heavy planters for potted plants and flowers will make them harder to steal. It will be too much of an effort for a thief to try and move a heavy pot. To keep your garden shed secure, here are some useful tips to try:

  • Use a reliable padlock to lock your garden shed with. Try the 4-Digit Combination lock from Amazon that offers more than 10,000 unique combinations. If memorizing digits isn't your thing, the Master Lock 40 TRI Shrouded Stainless Steel Disk Padlock's shackle is designed to minimize exposure, hence reducing the risk of bolt cutters. Plus, it's also prick- and pry-resistant.
  • Be sure to maintain your garden shed to repair and mend any broken or rotten parts.
  • Cover garden furniture when not in use to keep prying eyes away.
  • Chain everything together, from bicycles to sports equipment to other gardening equipment using a combination lock. • If you have valuable plants, trees, or other garden features, you can secure them individually by attaching them to an alarm that will go off if someone tried to move them.

Get a Dog

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Dogs are great at keeping burglars at bay. A well-trained dog will bark fiercely whenever an intruder tries to break into your home or garden shed. This will attract neighbors and force the intruder to flee. However, a dog alone is not enough to protect your home or garden. You need to combine other security features for a more effective and all-round safety nest.

Fence Your Garden

Fencing your garden and installing a gate is also a good strategy to keep thieves away. The fence will also keep your pets in and unwanted animals out. When installing a gate, make sure it has locks both on top and the bottom. Another clever trick is to go all-natural and plant prickly bushes or climbing roses around walls. This will make it a painful experience for anyone trying to climb into your garden. Examples of “protection” plants include:

  • Creeping Juniper – it has long branches with thorny stems and pointy needles.
  • Common Holly’s leaves have pointy spikes
  • Rosa Rugosa is pretty to look at but with very thorny canes. These are hardy plants with impressive disease resistance capabilities. However, remember to keep hedges and shrubs short (no more than three feet) to avoid giving burglars a place to conceal themselves.


The above measures don’t guarantee that thieves won't break into your garden and steal your precious items. However, by implementing them, you’ll give thieves a hard time trying to steal your garden equipment and plants. These deterrents may save you a great deal of money, and frustration.

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