How Much Does a Skateboard Cost?

How Much Does a Skateboard Cost?

With so many skateboards in the market, it can be stressful to land the one you really like. There are so many factors to consider, with the skateboard cost being among the top. Usually, the price of the skateboard tells you about its quality. However, just because a skateboard is expensive, it doesn’t mean it’s the best. Some models that come cheap work just fine and may be your best bet, especially if you're a beginner. Note that the average cost of a skateboard is influenced by factors like specifications and features. That’s why before going shopping, it's advisable to have a budget in mind.

We wouldn’t advise going for cheap skateboards just for the thrill of it. These gadgets can be dangerous if they aren’t made from high-quality materials. Just picture the wheels locking while rolling downhill at high speed!

A good skateboard can cost anywhere between $40 and $300, depending on the brand, quality, and location. Plus, the more customization features it has, the more you’ll fork out.

When buying a skateboard, you should also consider how often you’ll be skating and the type of skateboard you prefer. This should closely be followed by quality and budget. There are various types of skateboards:

Longboard skateboards, which are further categorized into:

  • Classic longboards

  • Downhill longboards

  • Pintail longboards

  • Twin tip longboards

Shortboard longboards include up to eight subcategories:

  • Cruiser skateboards

  • Double kick skateboards

  • Mini skateboards

  • Mini cruiser skateboards

  • Old-school skateboards

  • Penny or nickel skateboards

  • Steep kick skateboards

  • Street skateboards

Mini cruiser skateboards are ideal for beginner skaters, particularly children since the larger wheels provide stability. Its small size is also suitable for smaller riders. Mini skateboards are great for younger riders based on their size as well.

Cruiser skateboards are perfect for those seeking to ride their skateboards for transportation purposes. They have thicker decks and larger softer wheels that make them faster and ideal for rougher terrains.


If you're new to the game, it's preferable to buy a complete unit instead of purchasing the components separately. But if you don’t mind a small DIY project, you can order the parts and assemble them yourself. A complete skateboard consists of three major components:

  • Deck: A skateboard deck is the wooden or composite material upon which the truck mounts. It's also where you place your feet when riding. The top side has a grip tape that prevents your shoes from sliding. Deck size varies depending on shoe size, height, weight, and riding preferences. A skateboard deck can cost around $50, but you can pick one up for 30 bucks on a sale. Decks can be priced as high as $200 based on the material used and special constructions.

  • Trucks: These are the axles that hold the wheels. They are secured to the board using four bolts per truck, and you can set how loose or tight you want them to be by adjusting the kingpin. This affects how easy or hard it is to take turns and usually depends on the rider, usage, or board. Trucks vary in price, and you can get them for as low as $20 (but they won't last long). Trucks made of independent titanium cost around $75, but are built to last. However, with around 40 bucks, you can get yourself a decent quality set of trucks.

  • Wheels: Each skateboard comes with a set of four wheels, two on each truck. They come in varying diameters, each with different uses. Smaller wheels (50-53mm) are ideal for street and trick skaters because they are easy to turn. Larger wheels work best for longboards and rougher terrains. The average price of skateboard wheels ranges from $15 to $70. However, the price will be affected by factors like color, size, diameter, shape, and hardness. The type of wheel will also be determined by what you want to use the skateboard for. Softer wheels are better for higher speeds and downhill skating, while hard wheels are best for skateboard tricks.

Other skateboard components that are a must-have include:

  • Grip tape – costs between $8-$20.

  • Bearings – cost ranges from $8 to $150. However, you can get a decent one at $40.

  • Hardware, like bolts and nuts – costs between $2 and $6.

  • Shoes – this is where it gets expensive, with prices ranging from $30 (on sale) to $100. Be sure to go for high-quality shoes like suede. Canvas shoes will have holes within a day.

Protective gear:

  • Helmets go for $30-$60

  • Wrist guards start at around $20

  • Knee pads are priced between $40 and $100

  • Elbow pads start at $20


Considering all the components you have to assemble; a complete skateboard can cost up to $300. The general rule of thumb when buying skateboard components is the higher the quality, the higher the price.

Here’s a list of the top best cheap skateboards you can buy:

  • Cal 7 Complete Standard Skateboard

  • KPC Pro Skateboard

  • RIMABLE Complete Skateboard

  • Kryptonics Longboard Complete Skateboard

  • WhiteFang Skateboard

  • Minority 32-Inch Maple Skateboard

With so many different types of skateboards, there are several essential factors to keep in mind:

  • Usage – different skateboards are suited for different applications. If you cruise a lot, a longboard is ideal. If you travel a lot and like to carry your skateboard along, consider a mini-board. Plus, you can always have multiple skateboards for various usages.

  • Riding style – your skateboarding style will determine the type of skateboard you buy. If doing tricks is your thing, you can find a great choice under shortboard skates.

  • Your height – buy skateboards based on your height. Anyone 5 feet, 3 inches, or taller should go for a full-size regular skateboard. If you're below that height, you can choose between a mid-sized, mini-sized, or micro-sized skateboard.

  • Shoe size – the shoe size you wear will determine the deck you should go for. An 8-8.5-inch deck will support a 9.5 shoe size or larger. Shoe size of 8 will go well with a 7.25-7.375-inch deck.

Beginners are better off buying a complete skateboard. As you grow and learn more about riding styles and tricks, you can upgrade gradually. The price of the skateboard will vary depending on the quality of skateboard components and material, as well as the brand.


Loved the patter but it was sad open on Christmas morning and notice it was scratched up. I expect it to get that way skateboarding but not come that way new”. (Kevin on Amazon reviewing Cal 7 Complete Skateboard


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