How to Make Your Guest Room Feel Like a Hotel?

How to Make Your Guest Room Feel Like a Hotel?

If you like having friends and family over a lot or are starting up an Airbnb space, you’ll want to make your guest room as memorable as possible. In this post, we’ll help you create a luxurious space in your guest room to give your guests a 5-star hotel-like experience. You don’t have to go all out and buy costly amenities. These small thoughtful ideas will help you design your guest room in a way that makes it feel like home. When preparing and designing your guest room, think about what you’d expect to find in a high-end hotel and let that mindset guide you. 

The Bed

Of course, the guest room’s main function is sleeping. So, the first step would be to make sure the bed and beddings are comfy. You want your guests to have beautiful and quality sleep.

Here are a few pointers:

  • Go for a quality air mattress, which makes for very comfortable sleeping and can be placed over a sofa bed mattress, on the floor, or on top of a box spring.

  • When it comes to bedding, think about luxurious bed linens and other comfort items, such as freshly ironed pillowcases, a featherbed mattress topper, and extra sheets.

  • Speaking of bed sheets, quality sheets can make you feel royalty. Invest in at least one set of the best quality sheets, something soft to the touch and breathable.

  • Don’t forget to supply extra linens and pillows. Guests are unique and have different sleeping temperatures. By providing a blanket, duvet, sheets, and quilt, they can choose how they want to sleep.


The Necessities

Don’t Forget a Mirror

Your visitors will appreciate having access to a full mirror. Not only does it make it easier for them to evaluate their outfits, but mirrors also have a way of making a small space look larger. Place the mirror where there’s enough light that will allow them to use it properly.

Clear your closet

Be sure to remove your wedding gown and a collection of out-of-season clothes and dolls from the closet to create room for your guests to put away their stuff. Leaving some space for your visitors makes them feel more welcomed.

Provide a Place for Guests to Put their Gear

Most likely, your guests will come with a few luggage or weekend bags. Offering them a bench, side table, or even a luggage rack allows them to get their luggage off the floor and have easy access to anything they want from their suitcases.

Maximize Hanging Space

Your closet may not have enough hooks to hang items. However, you can invest in over-door hooks, which are cheap, to provide guests hanging space for coats, scarfs, towels, and handbags.

It’s a cost-effective idea, especially if your wardrobe is too small or you don’t have the option to clear out the closet.


Offer Some Privacy

You want your guests to feel safe and secure, and window coverings work great, not only for their privacy but also for light control. You can use blinds or anything else you deem fancy enough to add character to the room.

Other necessities to consider:

  • Add a small chest or drawer with open drawer space to give your guests extra space to place items like phones. Usually, drawers and closets may be filled with items from other rooms, and a few open drawers can make a huge difference.

  • If you offer Wi-Fi, write out a card with a Wi-Fi password, so they don’t have to ask.

  • Offer bedside lamps that are good for reading and can be switched on and off with ease.

  • Provide a comfy seat for those guests who don’t feel comfortable sitting on a bed. Something like an upholstered armchair or a side chair with a table and lamp will do the trick.

  • If you have a small space, find a simple and foldable bedside table that can be folded when not in use. A bedside table is convenient for placing a jug of water along with a tumbler. Likewise, you can place a table lamp on each bedside table.

The Amenities

Provide a Coffee Maker

Some guests like making their own coffee, and a coffee maker allows them to do just that without leaving their room. Be sure to provide different types of coffee and tea, sugar and sweeteners, cups, and spoons.

Provide Snacks

Along with a coffee, guests would love to nibble on some cookies, fruits, or other types of snacks. Offer a variety as well and don’t forget to leave a few bottles of water.

Other amenities to consider:

  • Put a selection of magazines and novels for those who love to read before they sleep.

  • Provide a few fluffy bathrobes in the closet. Nothing is as comfy as wrapping oneself with a big, warm bathrobe.

  • Offer a TV and remote control in the room. Other guests simply like watching TV in bed, and giving them this option is a great idea.

  • Don’t forget to provide a box of toiletries to place their soaps, mouthwash, toothpaste, etc.

  • A decorated tissue holder with a full box of tissues on one of the nightstands adds a nice touch.

  • Place a wastebasket in the room. You don’t want guests to leave all the waste on the nightstand or the kitchen. A wastebasket in the room prevents littering and saves them the hassle of leaving the room to dispose of waste.

This list of ideas might seem simple, but it’s the small things that make guests feel at home.

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