How to Get the Best Black Friday Deals in 2020?

How to Get the Best Black Friday Deals in 2020?

This year's Black Friday is going to be bigger, with stores offering more and better deals than ever online. We shouldn’t need to remind you that coronavirus cases have started to surge again, and there’s no need to make unnecessary trips to the store. A few years back, Black Friday was a one-day event. However, it has been evolving and has now turned into a full month of sales for all kinds of stuff imaginable. But, how do you know if a deal is worth your money? How can you snug huge discounts on great products before they sell out? In our post today, we bring you insider tips explaining how to grab the best Black Friday Deals in 2020.

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Thorough Research Will Pay Off

To get the best deals out there this Black Friday, it starts with good research before the big day. For one, you don't want to buy a bad product, just because it's cheap. Being knowledgeable about the items you want to buy will help you avoid the risk of purchasing poor quality products. The research will also prepare you on where to grab those once-in-a-lifetime deals. Given the unique challenges this year, there may be shortages in some products. Additionally, most retailers are set to kick off their holiday sales weeks earlier. So, once you’ve identified the items you want this season, compare the prices on different stores to come up with a strategy on how to proceed come that day. Prioritize the stores that offer good deals so that you can grab them before they run out of stock.

Start Shopping Early

As we noted above, Black Friday 2020 may start early on major retailers, and hot deals may sell out fast or fail to arrive at your doorstep as anticipated. Analysts are suggesting to start shopping early to stand a better chance of finding items in stock and have them delivered on time. Since the biggest retailers are opening their holiday sales early, don’t wait until the last minute. You might miss out on everything you wanted. Walmart, for example, announced that it will have three “Deals for Days” events throughout November. Target’s “Deals Days”, will also run the entire month of November.

Skip the Brick and Mortar and Shop Online

Thanks to the COVID crisis, in-store promotions are expected to be fewer this year to avoid attracting crowds. Therefore, emphasis will be on online shopping, with either free delivery or ship-to-store programs with curbside pickup. Since online shopping has been so successful, retailers may offer more competitive prices, which means you can expect newer deals to emerge throughout the shopping season.

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Take Advantage of Apps and Websites to Compare Prices

In this modern era of the internet, you don’t have to go retailer to retailer to compare prices. There are dozens of websites, including Google Shopping, Shopzilla, and PriceGrabber to assist you in comparing product prices. Likewise, you’ll find plenty of websites, such as, DealNews, and that leak Black Friday ads. Most retailers like Amazon, Walmart, Target, and Best Buy have their own shopping apps that allow you to check the prices and shop with convenience. Important tip: When you’re done shopping, delete the apps to protect your privacy. With these apps or websites, you can add an item you like to your shopping cart. This way, it becomes easier when you're ready to place your order. While the item is in your cart, you can check other websites to compare the prices. If you get the best deal, go ahead and check out. Keep in mind that putting an item in your cart doesn’t reserve it – you have to place an order and get the confirmation code that your order has been received.

Check Store Policies in Advance

Each store has a return and price-match policy. This year, we expect more retailers to price-match specific deals. Target, for instance, has already announced that it's extending its price-matching guarantee on items advertised as “Black Friday deal” from Nov. 1 through Dec. 24. That means it will refund the difference if you find the product listed at a cheaper price on any other store after you buy it. However, some retailers suspend their price-match guarantees on certain items during Black Friday. So, read the fine print to be sure you understand their terms and conditions.

Earn While Spending

How would like to earn rewards for shopping for your favorite items? Some stores offer loyalty programs that grant members early access to sales, promotions, and coupons. These programs also let members earn rewards based on what they buy. Try cashback sites like topcashback and Quidco. Both offer deals at more than 4,000 retailers, and you can sign up for free. However, stay alert not to be lured into buying poor quality products. Paying with a credit card that rewards you for spending money on shopping is also an easier way to boost your cashback. You can later redeem your points for air miles, money off your credit card statement, and retail vouchers.

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