How to Get the best Black Friday 2020 discounts on Amazon?

How to Get the best Black Friday 2020 discounts on Amazon?

Amazon’s Black Friday 2020 sale is set to officially kick off in two days on Friday, November 2020. Being one of the largest online retailers in the world, Amazon sells hundreds of thousands of products of all categories from toys to TVs to computers to kitchenware. If you’ve ever shopped on Amazon before on a Black Friday, you know prices are hugely discounted. However, the sheer number of items on sale can make finding the best discounts overwhelming and challenging. That’s why you need insider help to crack this nut. Below, you’ll find tips on when and how to shop to get the best Black Friday 2020 discounts on Amazon.

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Take Advantage of Amazon Coupons

Amazon shoppers can get their hands on two types of coupons: clipped coupons and coupon codes. When you open the Amazon website, you’ll see clipped coupons, which show up as a checkbox just below the price on a product page. Additionally, you can find all available coupons in one place on the Amazon website – simply click on “Clip Coupon” to apply the discount to your order. Note that you won't see the final price until checkout. Coupon codes, on the other hand, offer discounts for specific items. These codes can be found on third party websites. To use the codes, simply copy the code and go to the product page on Amazon. Add the item to your cart and input the coupon code that you copied during checkout.

Look Out for Woot Deals

Woot is an Amazon company that offers daily deals and short term sales. Amazon Prime members get free shipping. You can get the best deals on Woot on almost any product from electronics to toys to kids' stuff. Some of the items offered are new while others are refurbished.

Sign Up for Cash-Back Services

This year, you can get up to 8% cash back on Amazon devices if you sign up for TopCashback services. They also offer a 7% rebate on Amazon home-security and smart home gear. We are talking about a wide range of products like the new Echo speakers, TV sticks, Kindle e-Readers, Blink cameras, Ring doorbells, and Fire tablets. Keep in mind that the cash-back offer applies to items on sale as well, which means you can save double or even triple on items that go on sale, which starts this Friday, Nov. 20. And get this: if you don’t have an Amazon Prime subscription, you get $15 back when you sign up for one through TopCashback. Here’s what you should know about TopCashback. The discount is not upfront – you get the cash back soon after purchasing eligible items. Important tip: Don’t use an adblocker when making purchases via TopCashback, otherwise they might not get logged.

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Save More with an Amazon Visa Card

Apart from signing up for TopCashback or any other cash back services, it's important to get an Amazon Prime Rewards Visa card, which usually offers a 5% rebate on nearly all Amazon purchases. What you might not know is that Amazon raises it to 10 % on select items. For instance, right now, you get 10% back if you purchase select smart home devices, kitchen appliances and accessories, toys, electronics, home improvement products, and gifts for your pets. If you don’t have a Prime Rewards Visa card, now’s the right time to sign up. If you're an Amazon Prime subscriber, you’ll get a $100 gift card upon approval. Plus, the card attracts no annual fee.

Track Product Price Drops

Amazon drops prices of specific items every now and then. It might be difficult to track such price drops unless you use a website like This is a free Amazon price tracker site that alerts you whenever a product you're keeping an eye on lowers its price. You can even view the price history of products and be able to generate a trend of an increase or decrease in price over the past few days, weeks, or months. To make it even easier, the site has an extension for your browser. This way, you can add items that you want to be tracked with ease.

Third-Party Sellers Might Offer Cheaper Prices

Not all products fulfilled by Amazon are cheaper. You might actually find cheaper items from third-party sellers. It takes research to identify such third-party sellers, but if you look closely, you'll find something you like.

Download the Amazon App

Did you know that you can save $5 just for downloading the Amazon app? This applies to first time users only. All you have to do is download the Amazon app to your phone and start shopping. What's more, you can earn by referring friends.

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