How to Choose the Perfect Shoe Size when Buying Online?

How to Choose the Perfect Shoe Size when Buying Online?

The popularity of online stores has been gaining ground in recent years. Things took quite a turn in 2020 when the pandemic hit. Stay-at-home orders and social distancing brought an abrupt end to in-store shopping, at least temporarily. Shoppers had to rely on online stores to do most of their shopping. When it comes to buying footwear online, buyers are presented with plenty of choices at very competitive prices. However, one of the biggest challenges when buying shoes online is getting the right shoe size. Different brands have different sizes, and this can be confusing. So, when shopping for footwear online, checking the size is crucial. You don’t want to buy shoes only for them not to fit.

Know Your Foot Size

It’s a fact that a person’s foot size changes as they age. Other factors like pregnancy and weight gain can also contribute to a sizable foot. That’s why it's recommended to measure your foot at least once every year.

Knowing your foot size is a step closer to making sure you order the correct size. You can easily measure your foot at home using a pen, paper, and ruler. To do so:

  1. Lay the piece of paper down on the floor and put your foot on it.

  2. Holding your pen vertically, place a dot where your longest toe ends and another one where your heel ends. You can draw the entire outline of your foot as well.

  3. Using the ruler, measure the distance between the two dots in centimeters. What you get is the length of your foot.

  4. Repeat these steps with the other foot. Most presumably, one foot is longer than the other.

With the measurement, you can check the brand's chart, usually available on the online store. However, keep in mind that there’s no universal shoe size standard. So, use the chart simply as a guide. If your feet don’t have the same lengths, choose a shoe size based on the larger foot.


Tips to Help You Choose the Correct Shoe Size When Buying Online

Consider the Shape of Your Foot

Now that you know your foot length, you have enough for determining the shape of your foot. If you have a broad foot, avoid pointed shoes because they are generally a bit smaller. If you are buying a pointed shoe, chose one size larger. If you have a high instep, opt for shoes with a zipper on the side, front, or on part of the heel.

Seasons Affect Shoe Sizes

Shoes fit differently depending on the weather. For instance, leather shrinks during winter and may not fit as snugly as it did in summer. The same case happens with your feet. They swell in summer and shrink in cold weather.

So, if you're buying shoes in summer, order one size larger.

Buy Brands You’ve Tried Before

If there’s a particular brand whose shoes have been fitting your feet snugly, you can opt to stick to that brand. Since you already know how they size their shoes, it will be easier to get the perfect shoe size.


Start with a Cheap Pair

If it's your first time ordering shoes online, you can decide to start with a cheap pair to learn how shoe-sizing works. Think of this as a test order to help you know which shoe size you need to be buying.

Check the Return and Exchange Policies

When buying anything online, be sure to carefully read and understand the return and exchange policy. Shoes have a hefty weight, and the cost of shipping them back can be exceptionally high, especially if it's to an overseas seller.

Do Thorough Research Before You Buy

Buying items online can be challenging. Since you can't see or feel them up close, you won't be able to really tell their quality. But with sufficient research, you can get details about the shoe that will help influence your decision.

You can start by checking product reviews to determine things like quality, durability, and comfortability. You also need to check customer reviews to get insights from people who’ve actually bought and used the product. The customer reviews will help you know whether the shoes are true to size or you need to buy a bigger size.

Some online stores have a zoom option that allows you to zoom in on shoe images to get an accurate sense of how they really look. You can even tell the quality and finish of the pair of shoes, not to mention the color and texture.

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