How to Choose the Best Worktop for your Kitchen?

How to Choose the Best Worktop for your Kitchen?

Kitchen worktop contributes to a large part of your interior décor. So, making sure you get the right one for you is something you should pay attention to. Buying a kitchen worktop can be tiring considering the hundreds of options to choose from. However, it doesn't have to be that way. We will help you choose a worktop that perfectly suits your preferences. From wood or stone to concrete to composite to metal, all these are great options but you must first think of what type of a cook you're. For example, will you be cooking a lot or do you plan on just impressing and entertain lots of guests? Let’s look at how to choose the best Worktop for your kitchen.


Consider the Colors

To create a statement kitchen, going for a polished or matt concrete finish can be a good option. It complements your kitchen design and there are multiple colors to choose from. Ensure you use a slightly different colored Worktop to make the preparation area stand out. Plus, if you love entertaining, this will be noticeable by everyone who comes to your place. Additionally, there are calm but appealing colors you can use for anyone looking to have a chilled-like kitchen. But you should consult an expert from the store who specializes in kitchen worktops to better guide you with color schemes. A brand such as HC supplies offers an extensive range of colors for any kind of material that you want to buy.

The Cost

When buying a kitchen worktop, you need to consider materials that fit your budget. You can get some cost-effective Worktops and yet they have a stylish look. For example, ceramic or laminates Worktop tend to be cheaper. Cheaper options can be a good idea and most importantly they can be installed beautifully to bring that desired finish. On the other hand, granite, stones, and composites can be expensive although they last long. Another thing you should know if you're going to use wood, which is quite expensive too, is that wood needs regular protective treats and by doing so you can get a long-lasting well layered out Worktop finish. Others like real stones offer better value for money. Therefore, it's important you know everything about the materials before selecting which one to use.


Consider Maintenance

A 100 percent water-resistant smooth Worktop can be durable with low maintenance in the long run. Such surfaces can be easily cleaned whenever you're done cooking without the need for special cleaner. Just a simple cloth and warm water can be used for cleaning a smooth Worktop. With the right amount of care, such material is durable with low maintenance.


The cost of installation depends on the material you will be using for your Worktop. Solid stone and other heavier Worktop have a higher installation cost. Go for materials that take less installation time, thus cutting on the cost such as laminate and composite. Although this is a personal choice, if you prefer stone then you have to bear the cost. A company like Stone & Earth, for instance, provide some of the best kitchen Worktop and professional installation services.

To Consider Before Your Purchase

Apart from understanding how to choose a kitchen Worktop from the various options available on the market, there are other factors you need to consider. For example, you need to know why Worktop is important for your kitchen. Whichever Worktop you choose, it will have a great impact on the functionality and theme of your kitchen. Don't just go buying a Worktop just because you saw one from your friend's house. Importantly, you should consider buying your kitchen worktop from companies that deal with this particular line of work. For example, if you want a granite worktop to go to IOS House & Home because they specialize with only granite meaning they have more expertise.

Our Notes

  • Consider the colors: Choose a color that defines who you're. Also, don't let anyone, not even the seller, convince you into taking a color you aren't sure of. This is because you will have to tolerate that Worktop for a couple of years before you can think of changing it.
  • The cost: There is a kitchen Worktop for everyone but what makes yours different from that of your neighbor is the amount of money you spend on it.
  • Consider maintenance: Of course, everyone wants a kitchen worktop that is easy to maintain and will last longer. This is an important factor to consider when choosing your next Worktop.
  • Installation: Just like the cost factor, when you go for heavier material, expect to dig deep into your pocket to pay for the installation cost.

What Do They Say on Other Sites

“I love the splash of color on my white solid surface worktop! I bought this so I can put hot pots and pans on my tabletop without worrying, this worktop has small plastic knobs at the bottom so it's easy to lift it off the surface. I don't anticipate using it as a cutting board though, even though it's supposed to be able to do that as the surface is rough - can catch bits and pieces of food if you're not careful about cleaning it thoroughly.” (Amazon Customer on Amazon) 

“Attractive and durable. We love this and use it every day. It covers a worn spot on the old Formica counter in the kitchen. We chose the solid black without the white detail line. We do not use it as a cutting board because the surface is not smooth,. We use it as a work surface. It is sturdy, easily cleaned and looks good.” (ct_djr on Amazon)

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