How to Build the Perfect Home Gym

How to Build the Perfect Home Gym

Even as shutdown restrictions start to loosen after efforts to curb the spread of the coronavirus start to bear fruit, and with so much uncertainty still in the air, your safety still comes first. If you thought the only way to stay in shape is by sweating outside or in a gym, think again. A home gym is a trend now, and anyone can do it even on a budget. How, you ask? Well, keep reading this post for tips on how to build the perfect home gym, without breaking the bank.

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Use Space Wisely

First things first. You need space to workout freely. Your home was not designed to hold gym equipment. So, you want to work with the space you have. For most people, this might be the garage, basement, a spare room, or even the patio. But, what if I live in a tiny studio apartment where space is limited? All is not lost. The trick is to opt for exercises that don’t require plenty of space, e.g., running outside, push-ups, jump rope, squats, and lunges. You can also get a door-mounted pull-up bar and dumbbells.

Is the Environment Right?

Consider the lighting of your fitness space. If you're using the basement where access to natural light is not possible, you can opt for an additional light source with soft white bulbs. Likewise, as much as lighting is crucial, the room must be airy enough. Fitness experts recommend bringing in plants in the fitness room to purify the air and boost oxygen levels. Suggested plants include bamboo, ferns, spider plants, and palms. Have you noticed that most gyms are fitted with lots of mirrors? Experts say that it gives you feedback on your performance and form – in other words, you become your own instructor, kind of. Mirrors also help to make a small space appear larger, which is especially useful if you have a tiny fitness space.

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Gym Equipment

You don’t need fancy lifting equipment to make your gym effective. Work with what you have. When starting out, you need a few basic pieces of equipment, such as:

  • Resistance bands for stretching and strength training
  • A yoga mat for yoga poses, stretching, and pilates
  • Adjustable dumbbells for upper body work out
  • Medicine ball for strength training
  • Jump ropes for cardio
  • A kettlebell to add resistance to your workout and also weight lifting
  • A foam roller to help deal with sore and tight muscles
  • Mats to protect your floor from damages, especially if training with barbells

Used Gym Equipment

These are just the basics, and the good thing is that you can start small and build upon your gym equipment with time. When purchasing gym equipment, you don’t have to go for new ones. They are expensive and will likely discourage you. Instead, look for secondhand items in garage sales, used sports stores, and Craigslist. You can also find great bargains at off-price department stores like Marshall’s or big stores like Amazon or Target. When you get to the advanced stage of your training, you can start investing in advanced gym equipment like:

  • Battel rope for HIIT
  • Suspension trainer for your back muscles
  • Barbell
  • A treadmill, if your space allows
  • An adjustable bench The best part about a home gym is that there’s no crowd, you don’t need to commute, and it's open 24/7, even if you need to jump rope in the middle of the night! Plus, you can make do with almost all the small basic equipment.
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You can have all the equipment you need but still, fail to work out. It's best to set aside a dedicated a space to assemble all your gym equipment, where finding everything you need is easy. More importantly, put your gear where you can see them. This helps to get you motivated to lift some weights or use the resistance band when you see them. How you design your home gym space is entirely up to you. If you fancy a TV or music system, or anything that sets the right mood and keeps you going in the gym, go ahead and do what you have to. Additionally, your fitness space should be self-contained. In this context, put everything you need for your gym in one central location, including water bottles and towels.

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