Honor Earbuds 2 SE Review: Specifications and Price

Honor Earbuds 2 SE Review: Specifications and Price

Smartphone maker, Honor, along with unveiling its flagship phone Honor 50 series (Honor 50, Honor 50 SE, and Honor 50 Pro 5G) recently, also announced its latest true wireless earbuds, Honor Earbuds 2 SE. The earbuds promise long battery life, active noise cancellation (ANC), and low latency. Three features that most people look for when buying headsets. It’s the first wireless earbud that the company is launching after its independence from Huawei.

Honor Earbuds 2 SE Review: Price and Availability

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The new Honor Earbuds 2 SE is going for 469 Yuan (approximately $73) and is available for order via the Honor online store. The earbuds, which have already begun shipping, are offered in two color options; black and white.

As of this writing, there is no information on international availability for the earbuds.

Honor Earbuds 2 SE Review: Key Specifications

  • Connectivity: True Wireless Stereo (TWS)

  • Headphone type: In-Ear

  • Bluetooth version: 5.2, AAC, with a 10-meter range

  • Charging port: USB-Type-C

  • Battery life: 10 hours

Honor Earbuds 2 SE Review: Design and Appearance

The Honor Earbuds 2 SE are compact bar-type headphones, ergonomically designed with a form factor common to AirPods. It's an in-ear earbud with a 10mm polymer composite diaphragm moving coil unit.

Unboxing it, you get the earphones, a charging cable, eartips, a warranty card, a quick guide, and safety information. There are two pairs of silicone ear tips, each of different sizes, for the perfect fit. The ergonomic design of the earphones makes them comfortable to wear and use for long hours.

The earbuds are enclosed in a rectangular charging case with rounded corners fitted with a USB Type-C charging port. There’s also a Bluetooth connection button on the side of the case. Each earbud is equipped with a silver contact at the bottom, which not only serves the role of charging but also adds to its uniqueness.

The earbuds are designed with an independent rear cavity cover, where the speaker is in an independent sound cavity structure. This helps to improve the speaker’s reliability and avoid interference from other components. Coupled with precise tuning, it produces high-quality sound for the price.

Honor Earbuds 2 SE Review: Features and Performance

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The Honor Earbuds 2 SE is a True Wireless Stereo model and features active noise reduction. This helps to improve the sound quality and clarity of calls in windy or noisy environments. The bass of the Honor 2 SE has some depth to it, enhancing the low-frequency parts of a song. The mid to high frequency is also quite satisfactory, spitting out prominent vocals.

The earbuds come with a dual microphone with AI call noise reduction support that uses beamforming technology to block background noise like the wind when making calls. It also comes with a low-latency game mode for less delay in audio when gaming.

The Honor Earbuds 2 SE has capacitive controls built into the stem of each earbud. Double-tap on either earbud to play/pause playback and accept/end a call. Long press the left or right earbud to activate ANC or transparency mode. The transparency mode allows you to communicate with people around you or listen to the outside world while enjoying your music.

Honor says the earbuds feature smart wear detection and smart scene detection that automatically pauses music when you take them out of your ear and resume playback when you put them back in.

Additionally, you can use the earbuds as microphones when recording your vlogs using your phone (rather than using the phone’s microphone). According to the company, this gives your recordings better clarity.

The earbuds are compatible with Huawei and Honor phones and support quick paring in pop-up mode. You can view and configure the earbuds via the Honor Smart Life app.

Honor Earbuds 2 SE Review: Battery Life

The Honor Earbuds 2 SE ships with a built-in 55mAh high-capacity battery that’s expected to give 10 hours of continuous usage (with ANC off) in a single charge. The overall battery life, including the charging case, is up to 32 hours.

The earbuds support fast charging via a USB Type-C port, with a 10-minute boost providing up to four hours of playback time. It takes around one hour to fully charge the earbuds, while the charging case takes around 1.5 hours.

Honor Earbuds 2 SE Review: Gaming

The Honor Earbuds 2 SE was designed with gamers in mind. Being true wireless earbuds, there’s no interference of wires. Most headphones also have delay issues when used for mobile games. The Honor Earbuds 2 SE addresses this issue by the addition of support for low-latency gaming.

When connected to your mobile phone, it automatically activates the low-latency game mode when playing games, reducing the latency of Bluetooth transmission. This improves the synchronization effect, enabling you to play games smoothly without audio lags.

Honor Earbuds 2 SE Review: Verdict

The Honor Earbuds 2 SE are aesthetically pleasing and feature great features for the price. The ergonomically designed earphones fit comfortably in your ear and feel stable. The earbuds feature active noise reduction to give you the best user experience. When you want to listen to your surroundings, simply switch to the transparency mode.

With up to 10 hours of playback time, the Honor Earbuds 2 SE makes for a great companion when taking those long trips.

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