GoPro Hero: Specs, Price and Full Review

GoPro Hero: Specs, Price and Full Review
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GoPro is a camera manufacturer with a focus on making devices for active people. The company was founded in 2002 by Nick Woodman. True to Woodman's personal interests, the company's product lines showcase a love of adventure and the outdoors.

The GoPro Hero was the first model to go into production, back in 2004. In subsequent years, more models of the Hero would enter the market, with the full lineup including models up to the Hero7. Over the years, GoPro has sold other devices such as consumer filming drones, but the GoPro Hero line of cameras remains the heart and soul of the brand. In 2018, the GoPro Hero 2018 edition entered the lineup.

GoPro Specs

The GoPro Hero7 is the most advanced version of the company’s flagship camera for active outdoors enthusiasts. It boasts the ability to take hyper smooth live-action video using the company’s latest video technology, as well as rugged survivability. This version of the GoPro Hero is waterproof up to a depth of 33 feet. You can use it underwater as well as dive with it. Its sheer durability is outstanding. 

Voice commands are a new area of innovation in the GoPro Hero7. If your hands are busy, say, when skiing down a slope, and you have it mounted on your body, you can just issue commands for it to begin shooting.  The Hero7 Black version has the widest range of MP4 video formats support. It shoots the following resolutions:

  • 1080p240
  • 1440p120
  • 4K60
  • 2.7K120

Thanks to its internet-connectivity capabilities, the GoPro Hero7 can now stream directly to platforms like Facebook and other video sharing sites.

For those on tight budgets, GoPro also released an entry level of its cameras, the GoPro Hero 2018 edition. This version borrows some of its design from the older GoPro Hero6. Like the Hero7 versions, however, it has many of the company's latest tech upgrades, including waterproof capability up to 33 ft, 1080p video, and 60fps frame-rate.

Who It’s Perfect for

The GoPro Hero's ability to survive tough conditions on land, in the snow, and in the water, makes it perhaps the ultimate live camera for all kinds of sports. If you are an active person who likes the outdoors, the GoPro Hero7, along with the GoPro Hero 2018 edition, will present a compelling value proposition.

In circumstances such as harsh winter weather or, conversely, hot summer conditions, everyday cameras might shoot fuzzy images and video. With the Gopro Hero7, you eliminate that problem as much as possible. It still takes high-quality videos and imagery, sometimes of surprisingly good quality given the conditions.

The small size of these devices makes for another unique selling point. The GoPro Hero7, for example, weighs just 94g. Whereas to get professional shots you might need to buy a bulky high definition camera with all the upgrades, the GoPro Hero can get you similar quality. The good part is that it takes up little space and does not need special treatment, unlike other professional photo equipment.

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Is It Worth the Price?

There are different versions of the GoPro Hero available for purchase, each with a different price. Below, we go over the cost of the different versions:

  • Hero 2018 Edition - $197
  • Hero7 Black - $399.99
  • Hero7 SIlver - $299.99
  • Hero7 White - $199.99

These are the latest GoPro models. They share most of the technology, including video stabilization, battery, GPS and WiFi connectivity.

If you want the GoPro for a bargain price, the Hero 2018 edition offers an easy entry point. However, the Hero7 White, at just $199.99, costs about the same and gets you the upscale technology in the Hero7. It will get you a solid filming device for outdoor and indoor activities. The only downside is that it does not have online live-streaming built in, but you can easily upload all your videos online. 

The other, upscale versions are also good value for the money if you want the whole package.

To Consider Before Your Purchase

You can buy the GoPro Hero on GoPro's online store and get a free SD card. You can also buy the camera only on other retail sites but you won't be eligible for a free SD Card. 

Our Notes

GoPro Hero 2018 Edition: Has voice control, like the GoPro Hero7 editions, but the processor lags those of the more advanced versions.

  • GoPro Hero7 Black: Has Super Photo automatic optimizations to enhance your images.
  • GoPro Hero7 Silver: Can shoot vertical mode photos and videos to suit social media formats.
  • GoPro Hero7 White: QuikStories technology turns your videos into stories ready for you to share.

What Do They Say on Other Sites

"Solid feel, extremely good color. Not really a need to color correct in post. Cost: Consider what the original GoPro cost and compare those features against the current (7) features. More features, less cost". (B Brent on Amazon)

"Had Since September. Tried various cards, updates. All kinds of settings. Locks up; gets scary HOT! Must pull out battery to halt heat build up and reset. Gave it 3 frustrating months of trying to work with it" (Mike HNL on Amazon)

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