German Car Brands List Ranked from the Worst to Best

German Car Brands List Ranked from the Worst to Best

German cars are known for their quality and speed. They don't have to evoke passion like Italian cars, but they're loved by drivers throughout the world. Some of the world's biggest car brands are German. Who can fail to name two or three brands when famous names like Mercedes, BMW, Audi, VW, and Porsche continue to engineer such great cars? Okay, we have Germany to blame for the Trabant, which is definitely one of the worst German car brands ever sold, but their cars were built in communist East Germany for a captive audience.

Best and Worst German Cars list

Here's our list of German Car Brands List Ranked from the Worst to Best.



Opel hasn't made great cars for a while now. They certainly haven't made anything worth buying since their 2017 take over by the PSA Group. The firm might not make great cars, but they generated an operating income of €859 million in 2018, which was the first positive figure since 1999, so the take over's working at boardroom level at least. The merger of PSA Group with Italian-American group Fiat Chrysler Automobiles means Opel is now part of the Stellantis automotive group.


Maybach is low on the list not because they produce bad cars like Opel. They're here because they're an entirely pointless brand. They're owned by Mercedes and run under the Mercedes-Maybach name. They don't seem to have any kind of reason for being. Their website talks about "ultimate luxury," but isn't that what Mercedes sell? The descriptions of each car seem to have both "ultramodern" and "timeless" in the same sentence. Which is it, Maybach? Oh, sorry, we mean Mercedes-Maybach. It seems like the sort of brand that needs to be retired for good.



VW is mid-table here because the stink of their 2015 emissions scandal remains in the air. How can consumers trust a brand like VW after a stunt like that? The Golf is still a great car, and the Tiguan is a superior SUV, but their range doesn't inspire. There's nothing there to excite drivers. The brand is a little sterile and a bit too plain for its own good, and its cars suffer for it.


Audi is the reason VW cars are so dull. This is the VW Group's exciting brand that's supposed to grab drivers' imaginations and their wallets, of course. Audi Sport makes some great cars, including the TT RS Coupe and the R8, of course, but the car Iron Man used to drive a decade ago isn't all that special anymore. There's still that sense it's a Lamborghini in a sensible suit.



These top three brands are hard to separate, so you could easily renumber Mercedes, BMW, and Porsche depending on your mood at the time, but for now, we think Mercedes is the third-best German car brand at this time. Their cars are a bit too similar to one another, and they have nondescript names that aren't part of any understandable format, but the same can be said for BMW and Porsche. German cars don't do flair. They're solid and dependable. Although the Mercedes-AMG GT is a roadster, it has 350 liters of load space and a wide trunk opening.


We're nearly hitting the high points here with BMW. They make a collection of luxury sedans and SUVs that starts with the X1 compact SUV and includes Range Rover competitors like the X7 and Porsche beaters, including the BMW M8 Gran Coupe that matches the 2022 Porsche Panamera Turbo for horsepower, features, and looks but costs $50,000 less.



Porsche's finest creation was not the Panamera. In fact, it increasingly looks like a desperate attempt to attract an aging market that wants more practical Porsches. Thankfully, Porsche also sells the Boxster, the Cayman, and the 911, of course. Models like the Cayenne and Macan prove they can diversify away from sports cars, but the Panamera and Taycan suggest they need to be careful not to stray too far from their roots.

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