Funniest Halloween Pet Costumes

Funniest Halloween Pet Costumes

Counting down days to Halloween and what better way to make it even memorable than dressings up your pet with the funniest costume ever? It’s estimated that this year Americans will spend $480 million on Halloween costume for their pets. Dressing up pets for Halloween is a way of keeping a sense of humor alive. Unfortunately, if your pet doesn’t like dressing up, getting him to wear the costume long enough for a snap is another story. Nevertheless, here you have the funniest Halloween pet costumes.

Teddy Bear

Your favorite snuggle buddy will look the funniest and even cuter when wearing a teddy bear costume. The sizes range from small to 3X which makes the costume perfect for any size of pets. Additionally, this costume has a face opening of up to four to five-inch diameter, making it comfortable for your dog to breath.


Imagine your puppy rocking a sky-blue dress, collar, and wig to give it the funniest Cinderella look. No fairy godmother required. The costume is made of cotton spandex fabric which is a stretchy and soft material. This means it doesn’t restrict the dog’s movement. It comes adorned with sequin embellishments to give your puppy the real Cinderella appearance. The softness of the sparkly dress gives your pet the comfort it deserves. The Cinderella dress is very adorable and it will surely make your dog look funny and cute.


This Halloween, turn your beloved dog into the most magical creature of all time. The costume comprises of a hood which comes attached with a unicorn horn, a mane, and tail. To get the right size for your pet, make sure you check the Pet Size Chart. The costume is delivered in sizes ranging from small to XXX-Large. To make the costume more fun, there’s a light-up collar which makes it easier to track the movements of your furry friend at night. Remember, your pet is not used to carrying items on the head. So, be ready for some drama!


It’s a tie-dye shirt, fringed vest and groovy wig that will turn your pet into the funniest and coolest hippie ever. The costume is available in one size but it’s a free fit and very comfortable. In addition to that, this costume can be worn any other day after the Halloween party.


It’s a one-piece skeleton hoodie which glows in the dark for a memorable Halloween moment. Since it’s a one-piece costume, you can be sure your little puppy will keep it on for the whole Halloween period. It’s made of easy-care, machine-washable cotton. The costume is delivered in X-small size and measures 8-inch in length.



Dressed in an iridescent tail, a bikini top and beautiful red tresses, your dog will instantly look the funniest. However, don’t ask her to go swimming. The material stretches enough to provide a comfortable fit. Your pet will have the best time running and playing around during Halloween dressed in this beautiful and adorable pet costume.

Medieval princess

Naturally, this costume will make your pet pampered like a princess and looks exactly like the ruler of the entire castle, plus, she will keep you entertained the entire time. It’s advisable when buying the costume, you consider costume style and animal shape; don’t select size based on breed.

To Consider Before Your Purchase

  • Choose a safer costume. Look for an outfit that is not too heavy, and doesn’t cause breathing issue for your dog. It should be lightweight to avoid injuries or cause your dog to overheat. To be precise, weigh your dog before buying the costume then buy weight appropriate costume.
  • Choose an outfit that allows mobility and visibility. The dog’s ears and eyes shouldn’t be covered in any way. The costume should be comfy enough for your dog to be able to stand, walk, sit and lie down normally. Avoid costume with small parts.
  • Check the costume thoroughly to ensure it doesn’t have small parts that your dog can easily pull out, ingest or choke on. Costumes with buttons, little plastic objects or excessive fabric can cause harm to your dog.

Our Notes

  • Teddy Bear: Funniest and cutest looking outfit for your pet.
  • Hippie: A very simple costume but very hilarious when worn by a dog.
  • Skeleton: A one-piece Halloween costume that is comfortable for the pet to walk in.
  • Medieval princess: Pets need to look like a princess and this costume will make them look exactly that and also funny.
  • Unicorn: A magical looking costume that’s is worn by pets during Halloween.
  • Cinderella: It’s a non-sophisticated Cinderella costume for pets.
  • Ariel: A sort of funny Halloween swimming costume for pets.

What Do They Say on Other Sites

“Awesome and great quaility!!! Omg this dog costume is excellent!!! I have been wanting it for a while since I saw this on the social media last year i was so happy this product came alive. I like the fact that this costume is adjustable to the dog sizes. I have two dogs so they both can wear them :) I also got a lion one yeah! I highly recommend this costume from this company! My two dogs will look so cute this Halloween ;)” (Paul M on Amazon)

“Omg Omg Omg... too cute for words ... Omg Omg Omg...too cute for words. The small I got fit my 7lb chihuahua perfectly. I thought it was a little pricey but the cuteness was so worth it. You'll want to cut the hat on the inside and stuff the unicorn horn with some cardboard, but otherwise, GREATNESS!!!” (Melanie Fox on Amazon

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