Fitbit Charge 5 Review: Price and Features

Fitbit Charge 5 Review: Price and Features

The Fitbit Charge 5 is a stylish and comfortable fitness tracker, with solid battery life. It comes loaded with lots of advanced health metrics, including onboard GPS, plus support for Fitbit Pay. Its design is eye-catching, and it’s the first Fitbit fitness tracker to work with the Fitbit ECG app, joining the likes of the Fitbit Sense smartwatch. The added features and functionalities put the Charge 5 in the ranks of smartwatches than basic fitness bands. To find out more about the Fitbit Charge 5 fitness tracker, keep reading our in-depth review below.

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Fitbit Charge 5 Review: Price and Availability

The Fitbit Charge 5 was announced in late August 2021 and was immediately available for sale via pre-order. The first devices are expected to ship out in late September. The gadget goes for $180, $30 more than the Charge 4, making it the most expensive tracker from Fitbit.

You can order the Charge 5 directly from retailers like Best Buy, Amazon, and B&H. It comes with a free 6-month trial of Fitbit Premium (valued at $40, based on annual billing and $60, based on monthly billing). The Premium service offers a wealth of additional features, such as 30-day and 90-day trends instead of just the 7-day period, more than 200 audio and video workouts, and over 300 meditations and soundtracks for mindfulness sessions.

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Fitbit Charge 5 Review: Key Specifications

  • Display: 21.93 x 14.75 mm AMOLED color touchscreen, with 326 PPI

  • Battery life: up to seven days, five hours continuous GPS use

  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0, NFC, GPS

  • Water Resistance: up to 50 meters, plus sweat, rain, and splash-proof

  • Colors: Black/Graphite Stainless Steel, Steel Blue/Platinum Stainless Steel, Lunar White/Soft Gold Stainless Steel

  • Sensors: 3-axis accelerometer, EDA (electrodermal activity), ECG sensor, vibration motor, optical heart rate monitor

Fitbit Charge 5 Review: Design and Display

The Fitbit Charge 5 design shifts from the boxy models and now comes with rounded angels of the Versa 3 or Apple Watch Series 7. The new design makes the Charge 5 more current and aesthetically pleasing for daily use.

The materials used look and feel more premium than the plastic and resin of the previous model. The tracker is now made of aluminum, glass, and resin, with a silicone band, making it sturdier and better looking.

The refined Charge 5 is also 10 percent thinner than previous models. It sports a larger, brighter AMOLED display (with 450 nits), which is double that of the Charge 4, making it easy to use outdoors. You’ll also notice that Fitbit dumped the pesky touch button on the bezel, giving it a sleeker look.

The bands are soft, flexible, and comfortable, and you can easily forget that you're wearing a fitness tracker. It fits well and is comfortable to sleep with due to the tracker’s overall light build and quick access sleep mode.

The screen measures 1.04 inches, and it feels spacious than it looks. The Corning Gorilla Glass has an issue with glare, especially in direct sunlight, but the screen quality is superior and a major step up from the grayscale touchscreens of previous trackers.

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Fitbit Charge 5 Review: Software and Performance

Once you connect your Charge 5 to your Android or iOS device, the first screen you’ll see is the watch face. You can choose from an array of 23 clock faces from the Fitbit app gallery. Swiping down from the clock face displays settings like water clock, brightness, display settings, Fitbit Pay, quiet modes, and so on.

Swiping up from the bottom gives you access to the Today app, battery status, Active Zone Minutes, distance traveled, steps, calories burned, menstrual health tracking, and more. Swiping from the right or left lets you access the apps you’ve installed on the device. Double-tap on the middle of the screen to return to the clock face.

The gadget supports 20 exercise modes and comes with SmartTrack technology that automatically detects when you’ve begun a workout and start tracking. This is handy if you forget to start the tracker.

The Charge 5 packs an impressive lot of wellness specs, including 24/7 heart rate monitoring, active minutes, sleep cycle tracking, blood oxygen saturation (SPO2) monitoring, and electrodermal activity (EDA) stress level analysis.

The Charge 5 is expected to offer Fitbit ECG app support soon, which lets you assess your heart rhythm directly from your wrists. Apart from these new sensors, the Charge 5 sets itself apart by offering on-device GPS and NFC for contactless payments.

Fitbit Charge 5 Review: Battery Life

The Fitbit Charge 5 promises a weeklong battery life, the same as the Charge 3 and 4. It’s a great thing that Fitbit opted to maintain the same capacity, given that the Charge 5 comes with extra features and added sensors.

Enabling the always-on display has a considerable impact on battery life. Once depleted, it takes around 90 minutes to fully recharge the Fitbit.


The Fitbit Charge 5 is an impressive upgrade from the Charge 4 and provides useful health and wellness data to help you stay on top of your fitness goals. Its compact design is streamlined and fashionable, while the premium materials make it look and feel sleek. Buy it if you're looking for an advanced health tracking solution without paying the high price of smartwatches.

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