Everything You Have to Know Before Buying a Lawnmower

Everything You Have to Know Before Buying a Lawnmower

A beautiful lawn is everyone’s dream. However, lawns need to be mowed regularly. That’s why having the right equipment will help make maintenance work a lot easier. Whether you just moved into your new house or already have a lawn and looking to upgrade your mowing gear, we share some top tips on factors to consider before buying a lawnmower.

How Large Is the Work Area?

Lawnmowers are made to work on different lawn or yard sizes. You don’t need to get the exact measurements of your lawn to make a purchase, but it will be helpful to have a general idea of your work area. There are several types of lawnmowers, and you want to pick the best model or type that will perfectly suit your terrain.

Things like the shape of your lawn will also affect your buying decision. Is it hilly, sloppy, or flat? Is it too big for a push-type lawnmower? In that case, a lawn tractor will be more convenient. Likewise, a corded lawnmower will require a power source, meaning you’ll require a long cord to reach the farthest corners of the yard. Otherwise, a battery-powered machine will be more convenient.


The Type of Grass on Your Lawn

Did you know that there’s a way different types of grass need to be cut? Take Bermuda grass, for example. They grow well when cut low, unlike fescues grass which needs to be cut higher. Knowing the type of grass growing in your yard will help you determine the type of lawnmower to buy.

Rotary lawnmowers are ideal for cutting long and tough kinds of grass due to the types of blades they have. It's advisable to purchase a lawnmower with adjustable blades to suit the different types of grass.

The Type of Lawnmower

Unlike a few years ago when lawnmowers were gas-powered, electric-powered lawnmowers have become common and quite popular. Not only are they less noisy, but they are also eco-friendly, and you won't get irritated by the gas fume smell. Plus, you don’t have to worry about disturbing your neighbor.

However, battery-powered electric mowers may have certain limitations. For instance, they can't cut much larger yards in one go without requiring a recharge. Most of these machines will run for 30 to 45 minutes before you can recharge. But as battery technology continues to improve, we can expect the run times to increase.

Additionally, they can be quite costly compared to their gas counterparts, although in the long run, you’ll spend more on fuel and maintenance. Electric mowers require less maintenance besides regular blade sharpening.


Best Mowers for Small Lawns

Usually, you should match the drive system to your terrain and yard size. If your yard is relatively flat and small, you’ll do perfectly fine with a push mower. A manual lawn mower is cheap and has fewer mechanical parts, making it easy to maintain.

If, on the other hand, your lawn has hills, front-wheel drive mowers can be less effective since they may lose traction on hills, where you tend to push down on the handle. What's more, if you bag your grass, the weight of the bag will lessen the traction on the front wheels. Rear-wheel drive is your best option since it works more effectively on hills, even with a bag. If your terrain is extremely sloppy, all-wheel-drive will be more suitable.

Check Online Reviews

While you may be inclined to favor top brands, some of them may occasionally have quirky problems. That’s why checking online reviews from real consumers will help you discover such flaws. You can find user reviews on the manufacturer's website, Amazon, and other trustworthy sites.

Check for users who’ve had a bad experience and how they were responded to. If the issue is reported by multiple buyers, that should raise a red flag about that particular brand.

Mulching Is Essential

Mulching is good, whether you have a big or small yard. This feature will help you save on fertilizing your lawn. Mowers now come with the mulching feature that cuts grass down to the smallest pieces that are virtually unnoticeable. This means you don’t have to clean the cut grass anymore.

Some types of mowers have an option that lets you turn on or off the mulching feature. If you prefer to bag your grass, be sure to check if the bag is easy to install and remove. For greater versatility, Honda makes a mower with a side discharge chute for those times when you’ve let the grass grow too long for mulching or bagging. They come with a Toro’s ‘Bag On Demand’ that simplifies the changeover from bagging to mulching.

Warranty and Price

Before buying a lawnmower, be sure to check the warranty. In most cases, a lawnmower warranty is about 24 months. It's important to know what you're getting by carefully reading the terms and conditions of the warranty.

When it comes to price, lawnmowers differ greatly, depending on the model and type. Battery-powered electric mowers are more expensive but have little maintenance costs. If you're just starting out, you may opt to purchase one of the cheapest lawnmowers on Amazon that goes for $67.39. this is a manual Great States cylinder-type push mower. This will give you a feel of what mowing is like, and you can later upgrade once you've determined what you really want.

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