Everything you Have to Know Before Buying Garden Furniture

Everything you Have to Know Before Buying Garden Furniture

A garden is a place of relaxation, especially during summertime, and one way to ensure you are comfortable while enjoying the fresh air is by investing in quality furniture. Days are gone when you would sit on plastic chairs or the splintery old deck chairs. Today, a porch sofa with plush cushions similar to those indoor is what your garden needs. Buying garden furniture involves almost the same steps as buying indoor furniture. But with garden furniture, there are additional considerations to make. We thought we’d share this informative piece on everything you need to know before buying garden furniture.

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Understand the Weather

Before you decide on the furniture to buy, consider the weather; is it hot or dry or do you live near the coast where rains are frequent? After determining the weather conditions, now look for furniture and materials that can be able to withstand those weather conditions. Be very selective and shop for a variety of options before settling on one. The reason why weather is a major factor is because some types of materials are not suitable for certain weather conditions. Take hot and dry environments, for example. Hot weather can make cause some types of wood to splinter or crack. On the other hand, some materials can’t withstand constant exposure to moisture.

Consider the Space

You must be aware of the size of the area you want to place your furniture. Is it narrow or wide? Knowing the garden size determines the size of furniture you will buy rather than coming to find out later that the furniture you bought won’t fit. If possible measure and carry the measurements with you when going shopping. Remember to leave enough space between the furniture so that you’re able to walk around comfortably. If you are working with a small space, consider a bar table set as opposed to a regular dining set. You should also consider café or bistro tables and chairs because they have a smaller profile.

Care and Maintenance

All types of furniture, whether indoor or outdoor, require care and maintenance to keep them looking functional and presentable. However, garden furniture might require you to go the extra mile because they are exposed to dust and moisture most of the time. Therefore, consider going for a material that’s:

  • Resistant to stretching and shrinking,
  • Quick to dry
  • Moisture-resistant
  • Easy to clean.

Additionally, all the garden furniture should have removable cushions, making them easy to machine wash when needed. However, be sure the materials can be machine-washed first since machine washing can tamper with the showerproof/ anti UV coating.

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Quality and Comfort

When it comes to quality, be very keen to choose a material that will last long. Poor quality translates to monetary losses and unappealing looks. Remember cheap is expensive. If you plan on leaving the furniture outdoor all the time, you need to buy pieces designed for optimal outdoor living. For example, if you’re buying cushions, they should be waterproof, otherwise, they’ll develop mold. If you can’t get your hands on waterproof garden furnishings, consider buying seats with hidden storage or buy a garden storage cabinet. Just because it’s garden furniture, this shouldn’t be a reason to compromise on comfortability. Invest in garden cushions that bring coziness. You can even have them custom made. It is a good idea to try out furniture before buying to see if it’s indeed comfortable.


It’s very easy to assume that all garden furniture comes in common shades of wood, but that isn't the case. You can acquire your furniture as bright as you would like them. All colors are available and it’s up to you to decide which one suits your garden perfectly. Those who change their styles with seasons can try going for neutral shades and then later add splashes of color. Bright colors are a playful way to complement neutral pieces while patterned pieces make for an eccentric look.

Price Tag

After putting into consideration all of the above factors, it all boils down to your budget. A lot of money goes to the material, size required, and design you need. However, be warned. A high price tag doesn’t necessarily indicate good quality. Compare prices from different shops while checking out the quality. You’ll realize some are expensive but the quality doesn’t match the price. It’s important to buy the best garden furniture you can afford. If you’re economizing, you can wait for the yearly offers and sales, mostly at the end of July and August. Additionally, you can check out thrift stores where you might be surprised to get high-quality furniture at affordable prices.

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