Everything You Have to Consider Before Buying Sneakers

Everything You Have to Consider Before Buying Sneakers

Sneakers are no longer used for sports only. They are a fashion statement and can be matched with several outfits, depending on the occasion. Sneakers are unique, from design to colors to features - they are not like ordinary shoes. They are made to offer comfort and arch support. That’s why it's important to know what you’ll be using them for. Some sneakers only belong to sports and then there are every day sneakers. With so many types of sneakers on sale, it can be quite a challenge to find the perfect one for you. That’s why we bring you this guide on factors to consider when buying sneakers.

Matching Outfit

Sneakers serve many purposes. If you're not purchasing sneakers for sports use, it's important to consider the outfit you're going to wear with the sneakers. It’s a fact that sneakers are more comfortable and versatile than heels. They are also unisex and can be worn with both males and females. The thing is, not all outfits will look dope with the pair of sneakers that you want to buy. That’s why you should factor in the type of outfit before settling on a specific style of sneakers.


Work with a Budget

Second, you must consider the cost of the sneakers. Sneakers come at different prices, from $20 to well over $200, depending on things like the brand, features, and material used. It's always advisable to go for sneakers you can afford. When buying sneakers, keep in mind that expensive doesn’t always mean good quality. Some shoes can be cheap but still have the best quality. Therefore, be sure to work with a budget to avoid getting stuck with unnecessary credit bills. Of course, when working on a budget, don’t just go for any pair of sneakers. Be sure to check the durability of the material used. This way, you’ll avoid ending up with a choice that will get damaged soon after making the purchase.

The Right Fit, Based on Activity

The fit of the shoes you're buying is very crucial. That’s why it’s a good idea to get shoes from the store, where you can fit them to see if they are the right size. Try them in socks you’d normally wear and try to do the activity you're purchasing the shoes for. The reason is that the shoes may feel perfect when standing or even walking in them but feel very uncomfortable when running in them. A well-fitting pair of sneakers should feel secure around your heel, without slippage. Additionally, make sure there’s plenty of space to allow your toes to wiggle, especially if you're buying sneakers for running. Cycling shoes, on the other hand, should fit snugly but still, give your toes adequate space. On the same note, it's not unusual for each foot to be of a different size. Ask the clerk to size you before you start fitting. This way you can always start with your bigger foot.

Brands Matter, But Not All the Time

Well, most people will always go for the brand they know. And it makes sense since it’s a brand you’ve come to trust. However, if you love Under Armour, and it doesn’t have the right shoes for your foot or type of activity, you will have to go for another brand like Nike or Puma. It's best to try out different brands. Usually, you’ll find out that a specific brand is good for sneakers that suit a particular type of activity or that have the perfect fit.


Shop in the Evening

It’s a fact that your feet are bigger late in the day than in the morning. Reason being that your feet swell as the day progresses. Therefore, experts advise buying shoes late in the day when your feet are going to be the largest.

Wear Your Own Socks

Apart from shopping in the evening, be sure to carry the socks you’d normally use with the sneakers. The store might provide socks that are too thick or extra thin, and these could give you the wrong impression of the shoe size. So, remember to bring your own socks to the store and wear them before you start trying on the sneakers.

Measure Your Feet Every Once in a While

Our feet keep growing as we age. Other factors like pregnancy can also affect your shoe size. That’s why it's recommended to measure your feet every two years. Keep in mind that your feet are unlikely to be the same size they were in your college years. Re-evaluating the size of your feet at least every two years will help you buy the right shoe size every time you go shopping for sneakers, or any other type of shoes.


Sneakers are normally designed to be comfortable. But not all of them offer the same kind of comfort. That’s why it's crucial to try on a pair of sneakers before buying them. Some of the things to look out for include support, stability, and sole/heel thickness. Depending on your ankle mobility, you may find shoes with thicker heels offer more comfort than sneakers with thin soles. If you're buying hiking shoes, consider the traction and gripping abilities of the shoes. Last but not least, replace your shoes often. When you notice the sides and bottom of your sneakers are worn down or leaning, or you start feeling pain in your feet, legs, knees, hips, and back, it means they are not offering adequate support anymore. In other words, it's time to get a new pair of sneakers.

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