Echo Show 5: Review, Price and Features

Echo Show 5: Review, Price and Features
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Amazon has now launched the Echo Show 5, bringing an update to the smart speaker that had its start in 2017. The Amazon Echo Show complements other devices in the Echo family of smart devices. 

Since its inception, this device line has included a smart screen alongside the speaker functionality available in the Echo collection. The ability to have a screen has met with a good reception in the history of the Echo Show. This is because some Alexa skills, such as timers and news shows, do better with a graphical user interface. 

The Echo Show 5 makes the screen more compact than before but lowers the price point considerably.

Features to Love 

In its latest incarnation, the Echo Show 5 aims to be more of a mass-market device than its predecessor. This means that some features, such as screen size, are arguably inferior, but it aims to make up for this in the usefulness of the device. 

Some of the features you will love in this device include the ability to set a morning routine. This could include playing a news show, retrieving the weather, and playing your favorite music.

The Echo Show 5 also has the ability to surf the web via the Silk web browser, vastly expanding your ability to interact with the outside world.

Entertainment Options

A plethora of entertainment opportunities are available on the Echo Show 5. Amazon Prime Video is available, and gives you access to over 18,000 movies as well as more than 1,800 TV shows.

You also have access to a ton of music options on the Echo Show 5. This includes Amazon Music, which lets you stream from its library of 50 million songs by all kinds of music acts. While the Youtube app is not available, Vimeo is available for streaming internet videos.

Image by the manufacturer

Keeping up with Family and Friends 

Amazon has made the Echo Show 5 a capable device for video communication, thanks to its multiple messaging options. The device can send announcements to other Alexa-enabled devices in your home, making it possible to communicate with people in other rooms.

In addition, you can make video calls to friends who have Skype, the Alexa app, or an Amazon Echo device that has a screen. This lets you broaden your communication options without having to bring extra devices into the room.


At a regular price of $80-$100, the Echo Show 5 is a genuine bargain over the prior device in the lineup, the Echo Show 2nd Generation. The Echo Show Generation sold for around $200-$230.

While the Echo Show 5’s speaker may be lower-powered and its raw specs less showy, it still packs plenty for your smart home. The price point makes it a rather compelling home companion device.

You are likely to rely upon it more than other Echo devices for everything from shopping online to interacting with other Alexa devices.

To Consider Before Your Purchase

Despite the Echo Show 5 having a screen, you should not expect to use it as a tablet replacement, except for specific things. There are limited options for configuring the home screen of the device and other advanced computing features. What it’s good at is playing audio or video and accessing Alexa skills so you can easily get things done using the Amazon ecosystem.

Our Notes

  • Available colors: charcoal and sandstone
  • Connectivity: WiFi and Bluetooth
  • Privacy: turn off the microphone by pushing a button, and shutter the camera

What Do They Say on Other Sites

“The Echo Show 5 was easy to get set up and is great to use. I have it by my bed (don't need an alarm clock, we're retired!) and I really like the clock face. It's nice and big, easy to read with my old eyes. I have it set to dim down at night so it won't cast too much light in our bedroom, but it's still very readable.” (jodeg on Amazon)

“Ugh. The constant large ads to “Try, Alexa [insert question or skill here]” that splash across the screen and cannot be turned off are annoying. Super annoying. Like return this annoying. There is no option to turn them off.” (WooPigFoodie on Amazon)

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