Disneyland Deals for Valentine's Day 2020

Disneyland Deals for Valentine's Day 2020

Some see Disneyland as a place for families only, but it also makes a great romantic getaway. Whether your partner loves Disney or not, Disneyland is an ideal place to pop the question. A recent study published in The Independent shows that one in 500 proposals take place in Disneyland Paris. It's the most popular place to ask the question. If you're thinking of going down on one knee this year, most visitors suggest the restaurant Walt's on Main Street as they go all out for valentine's day.


The French capital remains one of the most romantic places on earth. While Disneyland is the top place to propose, the Eiffel Tower is the fourth most popular place to ask for someone's hand in marriage as one in 679 proposals occur there every year. There are lots of other romantic spots to choose in Paris including the Palace de Versailles and The Louvre, but none are as romantic as proposing under the Eiffel Tower.

Disneyland Paris deals

Although this valentine's break is going to be one to remember, you don't want to relive it every time your credit card statement comes through, so check out the resort's website disneylandparis.com for great deals. At the moment, you'll get 35% off accommodation and park tickets through the site. To get the deal, you need to stay for a minimum of two nights, and comes with free Fastpass for both of you, a meet and greet with Disney characters if you're young enough at heart to still enjoy that kind of thing, and Magic Time which allows you entry to the park before the crowds are let in.

Other Disney Parks

Disneyland Paris is the closest park for UK travellers, and on average it's the cheapest too. According to data collected by FairFX, a travel money expert, a trip to Paris will cost an average of £2,077 for a family of four including Disney hotel, tickets and flights from the UK. Flying to Florida instead would set you back £5,687 for the same holiday. Of course, to some, a trip to Walt Disney World in Florida can't be compared to a holiday in Paris where inclement weather plays its part, but it's interesting to note how much more a Disney holiday in the sunshine state costs.


There aren't all that many deals around for Disney breaks, so the direct-from-Disney price isn't much higher than the one you'll find on specialist ticket agency sites. They bulk buy tickets at a discount and pass that onto the customer, but Disney's always popular so there's not a lot to be saved going this route. If you buy from a travel agent, you might end up paying more as they add in their costs, so you really should look to book directly with Disney and then shop around for discounted prices.


Disney doesn't allow individuals to resell their tickets, so don't purchase park tickets through an online auction site. If you do, you and your partner might not be allowed into the park. Some parks use a fingerprint security system that prevents others from using the ticket. The reason for this is to stop someone buying a multiday pass and then handing it across to friends and family to use over different days. For that reason, is the tickets already been used, you won't be allowed in.

To Consider Before Your Purchase

Do you stay at the park or outside it? That depends on whether you want to enjoy Paris or just Disneyland

Our Notes

  • Buying park tickets and flights and accommodation separately might take longer and be less convenient, but it could be the cheapest way to get to Disney.
  • Don’t stay at Disneyland. Book a hotel outside the resort and travel in. Some hotels near to Disney operate a shuttle service to get you to the park.

What Do They Say on Other Sites

“Disneyland Paris is my favourite place in the world. They don’t always get it all right, but when they do it’s perfect.” (Ozrow reviewing Disneyland Paris on Tripadvisor)

“Went to Disney while in Paris and had a blast at this location. We did the 2 park, 1 day ticket. We enjoyed the rides, hated the long waits but it was worth it.” (Mrcedz86 reviewing Disneyland Paris on Tripadvisor)

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