Decoration Ideas for Thanksgiving

Decoration Ideas for Thanksgiving

No matter who you are inviting or how you want to celebrate your Thanksgiving this year, creating a nostalgic, unique and stylish environment will make your Thanksgiving guests feel relaxed and enchanted. You probably have a lot planned for the feast and with our Thanksgiving decoration ideas for the table, living room and front door, you can add an elegant style to your celebrations.

Fruitful Arrangement by Amaryllis Floral | Image by the manufacturer

Fruitful Arrangement

There is something about a colorful fruit display on the table that draws guests in. Take the two-tiered dish design by Amaryllis Floral and Event Design for instance. The fruit bowl is filled with oranges and orange flowers to create an energetic and lively aura. The sides are finished off with a slight touch of greenery to reduce the intensity of the orange color. This makes it the perfect decoration idea for a Thanksgiving feast. For a more dramatic or wild setting, consider the fruitful arrangement centerpiece by Gather Events. The set includes a piling of fruits, flowers, and foliage all in one arrangement to reflect how bountiful the season is.

Bring Nature Indoors

Nothing beats a nature-inspired piece of decoration in your home, especially during the holiday season. The driftwood design by Janie Molster creates a striking rustic centerpiece or an entryway console that’s sure to spread the celebratory mood to your guests. The sculptural driftwood is designed with branches covered in fresh pomegranates, berries, and flowers and woven in moss.

Take the Party Outside

If the weather allows it, you can take your Thanksgiving feasts outside. If you have a truck, you can create the harvest mood or fall-inspired food buffet. With creative DIY ideas, you can make your truck a buffet table add throw in some beautiful flowers and fruits. Add in some freshly picked pumpkins and colorful blooms to spruce up the setting. Remember to carry plaid blankets to keep your guests nice and warm. To add a traditional setting to it, carry wooden chairs.

Try Muted Décor

Thanksgiving doesn’t have to be filled with only orange and bright colors. Try something completely different by going for a muted palette or muted boutique décor. Transition to the new fall season in style by creating an earthy tablescape with hints of fall fruits like pears instead of flowers. To make the table livelier, throw in some large candles for the perfect dining table. You can also create a muted boutique of neutral tones and throw in a dash of green.

A Mini Blackboard Welcome Message

Make your visitors feel welcomed by hanging a mini blackboard on the door. You can find a beautiful old tray and coat it with a layer of chalkboard paint on the inside and then inscribe the message “Welcome to Our Home” at the center. Wrap the tray with autumn branches featuring bittersweet berries and fallen leaves. Get creative with the wrappings and use whatever decorations will get your house guests into the Thanksgiving mood.


Indoor and Outdoor Wreaths

Wreaths don’t have to be limited to outdoors only. You can hang wreaths indoors on your windows to bring the Thanksgiving atmosphere indoors. Wreaths come in many forms, styles, and shapes. You only have to pick the ones that go with your theme and colors. You can easily create your own wreaths using readily available materials like corn husks. Wreaths are not limited to doors or windows only. You can also use them to break the monotonous look of plain chair backs.

To Consider Before Your Purchase

What theme do you want to create for your Thanksgiving feast? This will help you decide on the type of decorations that you want to complement your theme. Most of Thanksgiving decorations complement each other. It's more of personal preference and the mood that you want to set for your guests.

Our Notes

  • Fruitful Arrangement: Colorful fruits and flowers always liven up the kitchen, living and dining room.
  • Bring Nature Indoors: This piece of carefully designed sculpture with branches, moss, berries, and pomegranates create a unique natural setting.
  • Take the Party Outside: If you live in a warm location, then you can repurpose your truck to create a fall-inspired food buffet.
  • Try Muted Décor: Thanksgiving doesn’t have to be all orange and colorful. Go earthy with muted décor and add large candles to liven the table.
  • A Mini Blackboard Welcome Message: This is a simple DIY decoration to make your guests feel welcomed.
  • Indoor and Outdoor Wreaths: Wreaths are easy to make and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

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