Cute Halloween Costumes for Kids

Cute Halloween Costumes for Kids

There are a million ways to dress up your little ones on October 31, from cute animal character to food to movie. For kids, looking scary isn’t important, so you don’t have to decorate them with masks or makeup. Just dress them up with cute clothes and a hat. You daughter will love the easy princess, fairy and flower outfit choice. For your son, creating a blown-up version of the mini-block for him to rock would be such a good option. Either way, they will love them. Below are cute Halloween costumes for kids.

Mermaid Girl

Small kids love the mermaid stories and are naturally drawn to them. Now, what a perfect way to make your kid look cute in their little mermaid tail that they can walk around in? Depending on the weather, you might want to cover their upper body but if it’s a warm day let them have flowers on.

Snow White

While the kids are still young, you can take advantage of that and dress them up as your favorite princess including the adorable snow-white inspired dress. But still, you can let them settle for their own Disney princess. Remember to include the headband that comes in all sizes to complete the princess-look.


Just let her be Elsa, many kids love her. Furthermore, you will get to re-use the costume a few weeks later after Halloween when Frozen II comes out. Get that Elsa costume for your daughter to rock this Halloween period.

Baby Shark

Since the release of ‘Baby Shark’ song, it has remained to be kids favorite. Dressing them up like Baby Shark during Halloween makes them relate to the song. It even comes with a press to play chip with a recording of the song. Moreover, you can get a mommy and daddy shark costume too to match your kid’s.


Regardless of your favorite Peter Parker, kids will always love Spiderman. Therefore, wearing this costume makes them feel the need to be like Spiderman and do whatever he does. It will not only make them look cute but also feel like a hero.

To Consider Before Your Purchase

Buy costumes made of flame-resistant material. Since it’s Halloween, your kid is more likely to be near candles, lanterns and other decorative flames. You don’t want him to catch fire in the process. Materials such as nylon and polyester are both flame resistant. Plus, when buying Halloween costume, always look for the label ‘flame resistant’. Choose colorful clothes. Go for bright and light-colored costumes and if possible give them a glow stick to carry. Also, you can buy reflective tape and attach to their costume to be able to keep an eye on them. Choose a costume that fits. Avoid costumes that are flimsy, billowing, too big or that drag on the ground; this is not only hazardous but it could get caught up in Halloween candles. FDA approved paint. When buying face paint marketed for children, always look for CE mark and packaging displaying the ingredients list in English. Additionally, before face painting, do an allergy test on a small patch of skin to ensure it doesn’t react negatively with the face.

Our Notes

  • Mermaid girl: Cute and simple way to make you kid stand out during Halloween.
  • Snow White: A fairytale princess whose costume looks adorable when worn by kids on Halloween.
  • Elsa: This is a well thought out costume since it will be reused when frozen II comes out.
  • Baby shark: A Halloween costume inspired by a song.
  • Spiderman: A cute hero-like costume for kids during Halloween.

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