Creepiest Halloween Decorations for 2019

Creepiest Halloween Decorations for 2019

The spookiest holiday of the year is just around the corner, and it's never too early to go wild with imaginations and creativity. Whether you’re looking for disturbing dolls or witches to turn your house into a haunted home or crawling zombies and monster bugs to scare your neighbors, here is a list of the creepiest Halloween decorations for 2019.

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Standing Witch Halloween Décor

Looking for something to turn your home into a house of horrors? You can't go wrong with the Standing Witch Halloween Décor. The green-skinned six-foot lady with glowing eyes, tattered dress, and a scary long hat is sure to instill fear in your kids, neighbors’ kids or anyone who comes crosses paths with her. The witch looks very creepy and you can pose her arms and hat the way you like. You can put the prop outside or inside your house, and she looks super scary right out of the box. The prop is easy to assemble and you can make your own adjustments like painting her nails red or adding another layer of cloth over her etc. The witch goes for $51.99 at Oriental Trading.

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Creepy Crawling Robotic Hands

No one can stand the sight of giant hands crawling all over. It’s the ultimate scary Halloween decoration that can be used both inside and outside the house. The hands are battery powered and the way the fingers move makes it look so real and spooky. Sprinkle some red paint to make the impression of blood and you’ll get anyone who comes across the hands running for dear life. You can get these robotic hands from Amazon at around $17.

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Giant Spooky Hairy Spiders

Spiders are some of the scariest creatures on earth. Now imagine a pair of black hairy spiders measuring up to five feet wandering around your yard or front porch or crawling from under the bed. Freakish don't you agree? The tiny red eyes and long hairy legs make them even scarier. The best part is that the legs are bendable and adjustable to suit any pose or to place the spiders on trees or their webs. The props are durable and reusable and you can buy the 2-pack or 4-pack giant spiders. Get yours from Amazon for $17.95 for the 2-pack and $22.95 for the 4-pack.

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Joiedomi Halloween Haunted House Window/Door Cover

No haunted house is complete without these creepy shadowy handprints that look like the souls of the damned trying to escape from the underworld. Measuring 30 by 72 inches, the cover fits perfectly in most American family doors and windows. The design is so realistic and spooky that it's guaranteed to fool a lot of people. The material of the cover is lightweight, yet durable. The impression comes out nicely, especially when fit in glass doors or windows with backlight effects. The zombie cover hands go for only $9.95 at Amazon.

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5-Piece Buried Alive Skeleton Kit

Do you plan on scaring people with the living dead breaking out of their graves? Get this 5-piece skeleton kit and cover your yard with skeletons popping out of the ground. You can scatter the skeletons all over the yard or use a section of the yard. To make it even scarier, plant the skeletons strategically in your front lawn. The kit includes one skull piece, and two pieces each of forearm and legs. Installation of the pieces to the ground is easy and the articulated hands and feet can be moved into desired positions. When mounted properly, this realistic piece will make for a really scary Halloween decoration. Get this 5-piece skeleton kit for only $19.99 at

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Swinging Reaper Prop

This 60-inch Grim Reaper prop comes with a swing with rope and looks really ghostly. It's an outdoor Halloween decoration that makes a creepy addition to your yard. The reaper seems to enjoy swinging and if you don’t want to be his next victim, we suggest that you give him a little push. The mesh robe covers a molded skeleton face, arms, and legs. Given his height, Swinging Reaper is sure to give the neighborhood children the fright of their lives. Get it for $39.99 at

To Consider Before Your Purchase

What setting are you planning on? Is it a haunted house, graveyard, or spooky creatures hanging on your walls? Once you know how you want the setup to be, you need to set out the creepiest decorations you can find. You want to consider the durability and reusability of the props. Some are too flimsy while others don’t look realistic. To make an impact and scare everyone boneless, go for life-like, full-size props that are sure to get noticed.

Our Notes

  • Standing Witch Halloween Décor: a 6-foot tall witch with glowing eyes and tattered clothes.
  • Creepy Crawling Robotic Hands: Monster battery-powered robotic hands can make the best prank.
  • Joiedomi Halloween Haunted House Window/Door Cover: A haunted house can't be complete without creepy handprints of souls escaping the underworld.
  • Giant Spooky Hairy Spiders: With scary tiny red eyes and hairy body, these spiders look so real.
  • 5-Piece Buried Alive Skeleton Kit: You get one skull, two arms and two legs to complete the setup.
  • Swinging Reaper Prop: The set includes a swing with rope and modeled skeleton face, legs, and arms.

What Do They Say on Other Sites

“Looks awesome day and night!!! From the inside during daylight hours it looks like zombies are outside trying to get in. From the outside at night with a light inside it looks like zombies are inside trying to get out. You can get two or three battery operated strobe lights and put them on the floor and walk between the strobes and the window and cast creepy shadows. I have a big window, bought two and used clear packing tape to connect them. Used a table saw and cut a 1/8"" strip to roll it up when I want to look out the window. I can now use this every year for that window. I <3 Halloween VvvvV” (Charles Foster on Amazon)

“Very scary and versatile We can use these in various Halloween decorations, from outside to inside. These 2 spider will be added to out outside spider web display.” (Amazon customer on Amazon

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