Cheap Winter Sun Destinations from the UK

Cheap Winter Sun Destinations from the UK

It's always the same at this time of year. The weather's grey and cold. There aren't enough hours of sunlight and everyone gets sick and passes their germs onto their friends, family and colleagues. A winter break to a sunny climate is the best cure for all those ailments but you don't want to spend a lot of money travelling to Florida or Australia so which sunny destinations are the cheapest for British holidaymakers? The natural assumption would be European countries that enjoy nearly all-year-round sun so you might be considering a break to Spain or Portugal. Those places are fine but you might be surprised to read how far from home you can get on a small budget.


You can book hotel rooms in luxurious places like the Warwick Doha hotel for as little as £54 a night so this is an affordable destination for British holidaymakers. Doha is sometimes referred to as the "new Dubai" but it's not a carbon copy. This is a growing city that's gearing up to host the 2022 FIFA World Cup so you'll find a city that's full of modernised amenities. There's a new metro system to connect you to the long seaside promenade or any of the impressive skyscrapers that are dotted around the city. In summer, this is an extremely warm place for British travellers but in the winter you can explore the city on foot without getting sunstroke.

Canary Islands

While Britain's freezing over, the Canary Islands experience 20-degree temperatures. The flight is only four and a half hours from London and there's a lot of competition so tickets are keenly priced. There are several islands to choose from too. Tenerife is for everyone. Gran Canaria is the most glamourous. Lanzarote offers the best outdoors experiences. If you want to surf or enjoy water-sports, head to Fuerteventura. The best weather is found on the south coast of the islands so bear that in mind when you book a resort.

The Gambia

This is another winter holiday idea that's a little unusual. The Gambia is the smallest African country but you can expect a dry winter holiday with temperatures up to 30 degrees. The exchange rate is normally favourable for British travellers so you won't need a lot of spending money. Head to a coastal resort like Bakau, Fajara or Kotu where you'll find cheap hotel rooms. Then when you've had enough rest in the hotel, explore the country where you'll find hippos, monkeys and exotic bird species.


Morocco is further proof that you don't need to confine yourself to a European holiday. You'll be taking a winter break in an ancient city on the edge of the Sahara that feels like you've travelled a million miles from the UK but the flight takes less than four hours. You can expect warm weather throughout the winter months, which is also the cheapest time to fly. You can find hotel rooms for as little as £48 a night in a traditional Moroccan house called a riad.

To Consider Before Your Purchase

Check out last minute deals and find out which months are the cheapest for travelling to your chosen destination to save cash.

Our Notes

  • Doha is one of the safest places to visit in the world.
  • Morocco sometimes get a bad press but in truth, it's not a dangerous place to visit.

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