Best Thanksgiving Rental Car Deals

Best Thanksgiving Rental Car Deals

Planning on taking a road trip this Thanksgiving Day? It’s the best way to enjoy the scenery and create beautiful memories with your family. Having a car makes it easy to get around with your family and friends. And as Thanksgiving is sneaking up fast, the time to book your rental car is now. Estimates from AAA show that over 50 million Americans will be driving during this year’s Thanksgiving. As such, the demand for rental cars is expected to shoot up, and with that an increase in prices. However, you can still manage to snag some good deals from the agencies below.

Alamo Car Rental Deals

As one of the biggest car rental businesses, Alamo offers great deals whether you're traveling long distance, renting the car for the long term, or simply want to run errands around town. With a wide-ranging fleet of rental cars, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Alamo offers a certain percentage of discounts depending on your base rate. This special, which is valid through December 15 gets you:

  • $10 off a base rate of $100
  • $15 off a base rate of $125
  • $25 off a base rate of $175 
  • $75 off a base rate of $600

You’ll find featured specials and deals on their website, including:

  • Last Minute Special – where you get discounts when you book in as little as one-hour notice.
  • Plan Ahead Special – where you can book in advance and land great deals depending on the state you're currently in.
  •  Free Single Upgrade – where you get to enjoy a free one-car-class upgrade on your next rental. The offer is valid through March 2020.
  • One Way Specials – you get competitive rates as low as a $9.99 base rate on one-way travel between your selected airport and the nearby town.
  • Military Deals – you enjoy lower rates if you're a government employee or military personnel (together with your family) across the nation.

Sixt Car Rental Deals

With over 220,000 fleets of vehicles (including more than 50,000 German rides) from over 2,200 locations in more than 100 countries, Sixt brings you some of the most affordable car rental rates in the market. The company has been around for over a century now and it keeps getting better. Grab the latest Sixt discount codes and save up to 35% on long term car rental. Veterans, Seniors, and students stand to get up to 5% discounts in select cities if they book directly from the Sixt discount page. Another great offer is the 20% discount you get when you book and pay upfront. This offer is valid if you reserve your car at least 25 days in advance.

Budget Car Rental Deals

Budget offers Budget Car Rental Coupons with up to $75 off in discounts. The company also offers a one-time car upgrade into the next car group on your next rental if you rent a four-door car. You can save up to 25% off the base rate if you enroll in the Veterans Advantage program, and the discount extends to your family. The company also offers a One-way rentals discount starting at $9.99 which is ideal for a short trip to or from the airport. If you want to save big, check out the weekend car rental deal which costs as little as $37 per day. The weekend period starts at noon on Thursday and ends a minute before midday on Monday. This offer is valid through December 15. Additionally, you can save up to 35% off the base rate on the Pay Now deals.

Avis Car Rental Deals

Like Budget, Avis offers up to 25% off if you're military personnel or a government employee and you enroll in the Veterans Advantage program. If you prepay online, you can get discounts of up to 30% off. The car rental company also offers one free day on weekend rentals on condition that you rent the car for a minimum of three days. However, this offer is not valid for one-way rentals. The rental period begins Thursday and ends on Monday by 11.59 p.m. local time. Currently, the offer is valid through December 31. One-way charges are similar to Budget’s and Alamo’s at $9.99 and you can keep the car for up to 12 hours.


Enterprise has wide coverage with over 6000 locations to rent a car. Check out their Car Rental coupons in your current location. You can get a rental car for as little as $12.99 for the weekend starting Friday through Monday at Enterprise Car Rentals. One-way specials start at $9.99 in Washington D.C., Seattle, and San Francisco.

To Consider Before Your Purchase

Avoid airport rental cars. They are costlier and you have to part with concession fees plus taxes. Instead, check for the nearest car rental agencies within the town for cheaper deals. Likewise, plan your timing so that you rent a car over the weekend. Most companies offer lower rates on weekends starting Thursday/Friday through to Monday before midday. So, even if you plan to stay with the car longer than Monday, you’ll pay less than if you book the car on weekdays. Lastly, register as a member of Costco Travel to get price comparisons for the different car rental companies. This way, you can find the cheapest prices and save big.

Our Notes

  • Alamo Car Rental Deals: Offers great deals with a variety of featured specials to select from.
  • Sixt Car Rental Deals: With a wide network covering over 2200 locations in over 100 countries, Sixt services are reliable and convenient.
  • Budget Car Rental Deals: you can get deals of up to $75 off. Weekend deals start from $37 and begin on Thursday through Monday.
  • Avis Car Rental Deals: Get one free day on weekend rentals on condition that you rent the car for a minimum of three days.
  • Enterprise: the weekend rentals rate starts from $12.99.

What Do They Say on Other Sites

"The car rental is great. Love the size of cars you can choose from. They have great gas mileage. Overall it is a great company. I would tell a friend about it so they can enjoy the rates that the company has to offer."  (Angel of Morris on Consumer Affairs about Avis Car Rental)

"I have rented Budget the past couple years for my annual trip after beginning to have less customer friendly experiences with other companies. Today, I was delayed on a flight from Chicago to Seattle due to storms. Due to being a Sunday, the offsite location where I had rented from closed early. A nice guy named Daniel informed me all other offsite locations were booked. When I looked online the SeaTac airport had outrageous fees and I would have probably shopped at another company offsite. Instead your representative Daniel was able to secure a SeaTac pickup for nearly the same price and it was for a full size up from an intermediate. Because of this experience, I will share my story and will look to Budget first, the next time I travel." (James of Saint Charles, IL)

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