The Best Shoes with Wheels for Kids in 2021

The Best Shoes with Wheels for Kids in 2021

You’ve probably seen a bunch of kids screaming at the top of their lungs with excitement, gliding down the streets, and zooming through the crowds. At first, you try to get a sense of how they are doing it since you can't see them wearing rollerblades. But then you notice that they are wearing shoes with wheels. That’s right! Nowadays, fashion has gone a notch higher, and manufacturers are making all kinds of shoes, including with wheels, intended to bring fun and encourage kids to exercise. If you want to surprise your kids with a gift they will love, check out our review for the best shoes with wheels.

Aikuass Roller Shoes

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When buying kid's shoes, one thing to consider is durability, and the Aikuass Roller Shoes are made of high-quality material. These lightweight, unisex sneakers are fitted with modern technology, including USB chargeable seven-color LED lights. They come with long-lasting wheels, which can be hidden by pressing a button at the heel if the kid wants to use them as regular shoes.

They are made with leather and fabric material, making them sturdy and durable. The shoe platform measures approximately 0.75 inches, and the rubber sole is worn-resistant. 

Price ranges from $18.00-$43.99 on Amazon

SDSPEED Kids Roller Skate Shoes

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The SDSPEED brand designs shoes made from high-quality materials. They are breathable and come with wear-resistant rubber soles. The colorful LED lights light up automatically when the kid walks on the road. When you don’t want to distract people, for example, at church, you can switch off the LED lights using an on/off switch inside the shoes.

The shoes are also equipped with a button at the heel to hide the rollers when you want regular sports shoes.

Price ranges from $27.77-$36.87 on Amazon

Nsasy Kids Roller Shoes (Unisex)

These sneakers from Nsasy not only look great but also come in more than a dozen styles, colors, and variety. The breathable fabric adds to their quality, and you can choose the single or double-wheeled variety. They are made of high-quality cloth, and the multi-LED light model changes to give it the sparkle that will make your kid want to show off the new kicks.

The rechargeable LED lights take 2-4 hours to fully recharge. For the double-wheeled shoes, you can remove the front one and hide the back wheel to use it as regular sports shoes.

 Price ranges from $25.99-$45.99 on Amazon

VMATE PU Pink LED Light Up Sneakers

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The single-wheel roller skate shoes are eye-catching and sure to impress your kid. The amazing LED lightings on the rubber sole are particularly attractive at night. These shoes are comfortable and come in a wide range of colors and sizes.

They are made of high-quality and durable material that will serve your girl or boy for years. They use a lace-up system, and the PU material makes them easier to clean and maintain. Parents are advised to check the size and product description before placing orders. 

Check price on Amazon 

Heelys Motion Plus Skate Shoe

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Heelys have been making shoes with wheels for a long time and are among the most trusted brands on the market. The Heelys Motion Plus Skate Shoe is built to last, thanks to the synthetic material. They are comfortable, allowing your kid to wear them for as long as they like.

The wheels are removable if your kid simply wants to run in regular shoes. We recommend going with your kid to shop for these shoes to let him/her pick the best selection. Plus, you'll make sure they fit perfectly. These shoes are suitable for kids of various ages, and the prices differ depending on the variety, style, and size. The shoes are currently available for 13-year-olds only on the Heelys website.

Buy on Heelys at $42.00

Heelys Kids’ Launch Sneaker

The Heelys Kids’ Launcher Sneakers are made with canvas to ensure optimal smoothness. These low-top sneakers come with a striped midsole and lace-up design. The synthetic soles make them durable and a value for your money.

They are highly fashionable and versatile, perfectly complementing any of your child’s dressing codes. The Launcher Sneakers have small wheels with a firm grip to keep your kid safe while gliding in them. Due to the nature of the fabric, your child won't complain of overheating. Plus, the improved traction makes them well suited for various surfaces.

Check price and availability on Nordstrom

Ufantansy Shoes with Wheels

Ufantansy shoes bring a combination of comfort and durability, thanks to the PU material and the breathable mesh. They look trendy and fashionable, with an array of LED lights lighting up the rubber sole. You also have the option to turn off the lights if you wish. 

The sneakers are ideal for any event, be it a birthday party, playing outside, or just strolling down the street. Unlike most shoes, the Ufantansy LED lights only light upon impact. This is great since the lights can last longer on a single charge compared to LED lights that stay on.

Buy on Amazon for $41.99

In Conclusion

When buying kids' shoes, comfort is key. If you're ordering online, be sure to read all the reviews to get as many details as you can about their quality, durability, and comfort. If possible, go to the store with your kid to make sure the shoes fit perfectly.

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